[Post 3] Cute & Professional Korean Handwriting Styles Compilation – Reviewed By A Native Korean Unnie.

Cute and Professional Korean Handwriting Style Compilation

Welcome! This is Mindy Unnie’s the 3rd post on Korean Handwriting Style Compilation!

I listed amazing handwritings from famous Korean celebrities. 

This post is going to focus on the #Cute and #Professional style of Hangul writing. 

  1. Bang Yongguk (rapper)
  2. Kwon Sangwoo (actor)
  3. Kim Woobin (actor)
  4. Kim Woo Seok (singer)
  5. Kim Yoojung (actress)
  6. Park Bogum (actor)
  7. Seo Hyun-jin (actress)
  8. Son Ye jin (actress)
  9. In Ho Jin (singer)
  10. Cha Eun Woo (K-Pop Idol)

Bang Yong-Guk's Handwriting Style

Bang Yong-Guk’s Handwriting Style

This is Bangyongguk (age 30) ‘s handwriting.

His handwriting was introduced once in K-pop idol handwriting in the previous post! 

This is a very mature writing style. Just by looking at it, most people will guess the writer a middle-aged to an old man.

The writing style gives me the feeling of the people who reads a lot, writes a lot like the poet, the writers. 

Also more masculine.

#poet #professional #mature #men

Korean actor Kwon Sangwoo's Handwriting style

Korean actor Kwon Sangwoo’s Handwriting style

A perfect Korean handwriting like a font. This writing font is the original, traditional style font. 

The classic is the best and never gets old right? 

#professional #perfect #classic #traditional #mature 

Korean actor Kim Woobin's Handwriting Style

Korean actor Kim Woobin’s Handwriting Style

The first picture’s handwriting is very cursive yet neat and pretty.

People tend to write illegibly in cursive. Kim Woobin wrote it beautifully like calligraphy. 

The second one is written neat and mature. It is so perfect, looks like art itself. 

#Professional #Perfect Korean cursive # neat Korean cursive #neat handwriting #pretty #genderless #mature #art

Singer Kim Woo Seok's Korean Handwriting style

Singer Kim Woo Seok’s Korean Handwriting style

His hangul looks very neat and clean. 

In fact, this writing style makes me imagine a girl with long hair, a shy smile, a small voice but speaking clearly.  

However, this writing is not too ‘cute’ nor ‘lovely’ rather chic, a perfect fit for many! 

#neat #clean #genderless #chic 

Korean Actress Kim Yoojung's Handwriting Style

Korean Actress Kim Yoojung’s Handwriting Style

She got a cute handwriting style but I added her to this list because she is an actor. 

I think her handwriting style really suits her characteristic well.

Many girls write like this. You might think it’s common but it’s the cute style trend.

#cute #10s-20s #girl #trendy

Korean Actor Park Bogum's Handwriting Style

Korean Actor Park Bogum’s Handwriting Style

His writing style is out of the world I couldn’t believe my own eyes.

The second picture is probably him trying his other way of writing style and the first one is his usual font.

If I only saw the handwriting, I’d guess this person could be a female.

Both are very neat.

(By the way, did you notice the profile picture I posted for both him and Kim Yoo Jung from the above are the K-drama posters?  They were the main characters in the drama ‘Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’ or in another name ‘Love in the Moonlight’ 2016. This was light to watch and had many fans.-including me- I suggest this if you like these types of K-dramas!)

#young #neat #female #modern #aesthetic

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds - OST

Warning! – This contains the whole story of the drama.😅

[M/V] 구르미 그린 달빛(Moonlight Drawn by Clouds) (구르미 그린 달빛 OST) - 거미(Gummy)

Korean Actress Son YeJin's Handwriting Style

Korean Actress Son YeJin’s Handwriting Style

Her unique writing style is quite famous as herself.

This pretty and cute handwriting was seen in many of the movies she played. 

People complimented, saying it should be made a font.

It really looks more like a font than usual handwriting for me! 

#unique #characteristic #feminine #cute #font-like

Korean Singer In Ho-jin's Handwriting Style

Korean Singer In Ho-jin’s Handwriting Style

He is In Ho Jin of a singing group named ‘Sweet Sorrow’.

His writing is amazingly professional. 

If he were born before the typewriter and computers, he would have lived off from his handwriting skills.

His handwriting was too famous people even requested his style to be made font and the result is the second picture! 

When the font was first out, the website server got down, too many people visited to purchase his font.

(People commented after his handwriting is much better than the font, yet the font was still popular.)

#professional #perfection #amazing #aesthetic #classic #neat #genderless #mature

K- Pop Idol Cha Eun Woo's Handwriting Style

K- Pop Idol Cha Eun Woo’s Handwriting Style

He writes in this #neat style that I personally favor.

I couldn’t believe my own eyes when I first saw this. He is so professional.

His Korean handwriting is so beautiful.

This type of Korean #retro aesthetic handwriting style is in trend now.

Cha Eun-woo, who is so good-looking fans even nicknamed him ‘Face genius’ was in fact, ‘Korean handwriting genius’ too.

#professional #soft #gentle #pretty #retro aesthetic #modest #neat #sincere # genderless