Korean INSTANT Black Bean Noodles(Chapagetti) – The Best Selling Rank Top 5

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Korea Best Selling Instant Black Bean Noodles

Here is the Top 5

  1. Chapagetti (jjapagetti)
  2. Jjawang (zzawang)
  3. Jjajjaroni
  4. Chapagetti Bumbuck
  5. Paldo Jjajangmen


The Best Selling Black Bean Noodles in Korea # 1. CHAPAGETTI

Chapagetti(jjapagetti) first came out in 1984. This noodle is very popular and is still ranking#1 today.

This chajang ramen (chapagetti) got introduced in the movie ‘Parasite’ as RAMDONG.

Ramdong(chapaguri) is a mix of two ramen noodles, Chapagetti and Neoguri.

 However, the taste of chapagetti is not quite near as the original restaurant jjajangmyeon.

It is also VEGAN!

The Best Selling Black Bean Noodles in Korea # 2. JJAWANG (ZZAWANG)

This noodle came out quite recently (in 2014) but ranked in #2 for its AWESOME TASTE!

“Jjawang” the name in Korean means King of the Jjajang.

Therefore, I strongly recommend you try this version of jjajang ramen the FIRST if you are very new to jjajang flavor!

Koreans describe the taste is quite close to the real jjajangmyeon. (only comparing to other instant jjajang noodles!)

The Best Selling Black Bean Noodles in Korea # 3. Jjajjaroni

The best selling black bean noodles # 3 in Korea is jjajjaroni!

Like Chapagetti, jjajjaroni is one of the steady sellers since 1984.

There must be something so addictive about the taste when a product is selling this long time.

The Best Selling Black Bean Noodles in Korea # 4. Chapagetti Bumbuck

This noodle is the same noodle from ranking #1 the Chapagetti, only a mini version of it.
(This is only 70 grams each, which is about 2.5 ounces. )

The fact mini version was sold so much it ranked number 4 tells the affection of Chapagetti of Koreans.

The Best Seliing Black Bean Noodles in Korea # 5. Paldo Jjajangmen

Paldo jjajangmen is recently out but ranks in 5. For it’s the closest taste to real restaurant jjajangmyeon.

Yeon-Bok Lee, a television show famous chef for Chinese-style food, developed this recipe! 

Also, there is a similar (from the same brand) vegeterian version of this if you would like.

I have some more personal suggestions for you!

Buldak Bokkeum myun


If you watch Korean mukbang a lot, you might have seen buldak bokkeum myun.

This is a version of it! (There are numerous versions of Buldak Bokkeum Myun, and this is just one of the versions)

Do you want the original Buldak bokkeum myun?

I don’t think you will survive from its spiciness but if you must try, here it is. I don’t suggest it.

Paldo Ilpoom chajang noodle

This is a very good VEGETARIAN jjajang noodle you should try.

It is from the same brand as #5 paldo jjajangmen. Reviews are very good too. 


Yopokki is a jjajang flavored topokki.  Jjajang topokki is often made for children who are not used to spicy food yet. 

It is not a noodle, but I love topokki so much so I just had to show it to you so you know that this exists too!!!

I wish you were my friend so I can take you to try every good Korean food. 🙂

Want original topokki?

The Ramdong Set

Did you watch the movie ‘Parasite’ yet? This is the famous ramdong(jjapaguri) set.

It is a combination of Chapagetti(#1) and Neoguri (also known as RTA ramen). 

It’s what every Korean enjoys, called Jajangmyeon ( or chajangmyeon).

Jajangmyeon is a Chinese-style noodle. The sauce is based on black beans, usually made with chopped pork and vegetables. Variants of jjajangmyeon can be made with seafood or other meats but pork is mostly used in Korea.

Its sweet and unique flavor is easily favored by kids and foreigners who are not used to spicy food.

Many kids used to pick Jajangmyeon as their favorite food back in the days. (Not anymore, sadly. As western food became more common in Korea pizza or hamburgers takes their place)

This ranking is based on a research article from hankyung.com

(HanKyung is a News Broadcasting Media of Korea.)