BTS ‘Film out’ MV: There Are Scenes Connected To ‘Fake Love’ MV-Bangtan Universe Continues-

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BTS ‘Film out’ Scenes Unnie Noticed

Watching BTS’s new release ‘Film out’ MV made Mindy unnie remind of ‘Fake Love’ MV scenes.

BTS ‘Film out’ 1. The Window Breaking Scene

‘Film out’

Jin in the middle of the room. The window blows up and glass pieces & clouds of dust flows in. 

‘Fake Love’

Jin is in a different set of a room. But a similar thing happens here.

BTS ‘Film out’ 2. The Running Scene

‘Film Out’

Jin is running away from the blowing down, destructed room.

‘Fake Love’

Jungkook is running away from the collapsing down floor way.

BTS ‘Film out’ 3. jhope and the mirror

‘Film Out’

Jhope looks like he is related to the mirror in a way. He is in a matching position with Suga like he is in a mirror.

‘Fake Love’

Jhope has a matching scene with Jungkook here.

Try babbling into the mirror, who the heck are you?’ -Fake Love

= For those who are confused =

BigHit is serious about Bangtan Universe.

For those who are new about BU= Bangtan Universe, which is like Marble universe movies, BTS has a storyline (fiction) going on since their debut. 

BigHit only releases pieces and bits of stories through some MVs, films, albums, and blogs. 

Armys are matching, making theories using those pieces of information to try to understand the whole story.

Through years of collected data, now we have a pretty good understanding of the big picture. 

Since the latest ‘Film out’ has been added to the BU list, maybe some Armys already have figured out unsolved mysteries of the Bangtan Universe.