What Is The Korean Food BTS EAT ‘In The SOOP’ EP.1&2

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Korean Food Explained ‘ In the SOOP’ Ep.1 &2

Did you wonder what Korean food BTS members are cooking and eating in the series ‘In the SOOP’?

I am here for you if you are not familiar with Korean food! Follow me through this! ‘In the SOOP’ K-Food post series! (1~8).

Let’s just begin with Kookie. (no reason)😚

# Members wished to be prepared at the camp is…

V asks for wine. 🍷

ho- alcohol?

Jin wants a fish tank with fishes for sushi.


Did Lil meow meow’s jaw drop hearing Jin?😆😆😆

But in muscle bunny’s mind,

food is not an important matter.

He wants a heavy punching sandbag. 

(JK when he heard it’s already there waiting.)

[In the SOOP] Korean food ep.1

# The arrival

Seven members arrived at the camp where they will spend the next 7 days!

Such a beautiful, peaceful place in Chuncheon Korea.

Oh, oh just before arrival, when they were on the way, V said this.

V : “Can I get a gimbap on the way?”

Did anyone wonder about gimbap Taehyung wanted to eat?

It will be introduced in detail in episode 5!

Okay, back on the post, 

Jin got his big fish tank like a sushi house. 😂

On one side, they got enough fresh ssam leaves growing.

*Ssam is also is introduced in In the SOOP episode 5!

And on the shelf, all types of alcohol are ready.

I’m guessing Taehyung’s wine is there too.

Are we going to see drunken BTS? (YESSS PLEASE~)

Let’s keep look at what’s prepared in the camp.

What is the shelf filled with?

There is a giant tower of goodies!! 

Just like a store moved into the house. 

This caught Mindy unnie’s eyes. BTS likes to ‘yam-yam’ on treats very much.

I’m just gonna introduce some of these quickly.

These are what I recommend, and also I remember seeing members eating.

This snack is called 칸쵸 ‘Kancho’.

JK was eating while monitoring his performance at BTS episodes.

[EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) ‘ON’ Kinetic Manifesto Film Shooting Sketch


Okay, this is Jin’s lips and the name is 마이구미 ‘My Gummy’ by Orion. 😙😙😙

Some K-armys see the resemblance of the ‘My Gummy’ peach flavor and Jin’s plump lips. I just wanted to point this out to you too because I agree!!!!

(by the way, one in the tower of goodies is a different flavor, orange. ‘My Gummy’ comes in different flavors.)

[In the SOOP] Korean food ep.1

# The first meal- Jjapaguri

After a short look around, members are finally having their first meal of the day.

They chose to eat outside where the view is just amazing! 

Today’s chef is Jungkook! 

Jjapaguri is a mixture of two different instant ramen. [Chapagetti+Neoguri] 

Jjapaguri is like a spicier jjapagetti, someone first created this recipe, then it got viral in a second. 

If you have seen Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Parasite’, it was translated as ramdong in the movie too.

(Jungkook tips in the episode say not to add the dry ingredients.)

Members ate with chopped steak on the top.

Both BTS members and the movie ‘Parasite’ had jjapaguri with chopped steak, but the original recipe doesn’t.

It’s the latest luxurious version to be said.

Also, you know Koreans can’t leave out Kimchi when we eat Korean food.

It’s very hard to tell, but what you see in the purple circle is kimchi. 

(Mindy unnie recommend this brand if you wish to try kimchi! It’s called “Jonggajip kimchi”/ “Jongga Kimchi”. The number 1 brand in Korea.👍)


Jiminie in hanbok, eating jjapaguri is cute.

He must be hungry after the nervous driving and all the lively running around the camp.

Here, V is drinking Chilsung Cider. Why is this so special? and what is Chilsung Cider??

It’s also what Yoongi and Namjoonie chose to drink.

Cidar packed full of the fridge…to,

[칠성사이다 X BTS] 청귤 댄스편

[칠성사이다 X BTS] 복숭아 플레이편

It is what they are advertising too. Lol

Love dance monster! Go! 🤩

Let’s end this jjapaguri with

Satisfied Hobi💜

We Love your smile 😍 Sunshine

More inFo-You😉

Here I got some random screenshots of products I noticed.

This drink next to V, I really recommend you try it. 

V said he used to be addicted to this drink and Jin says he also likes this.

‘Crushed Korean Pear Juice’ is the name of this drink but more commonly called as ‘IdH drink’. 

This is a scene from the Korean show program ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator’ in 2017. 

It’s BTS’ fridge you are seeing and one in the circle is the same IdH drink. (diff bottle design)

(also at this same program, Armys found banana milks in the fridge that probably belongs to Jungkook. K-armys cried he is so cute…)

Back to the In the Soop, episode!

The next item is, looks like they made a choice out of the tower of goodies.

Any army who knows which brand of chips this is?

You might know it already.ㅋㅋㅋ

Jin’s one of the favorite chips. ‘Corn Chips’

A VERY classic addictive chip, I have to say. It’s maybe I grew up eating this and this is my favorite too.

Absolutely it’s another recommended item for you!

BTS In the SOOP Korean food in ep.2

(Jungkook after boxingㅋㅋㅋ look at that wet hair everyone… cute💜 )

BTS In the SOOP Korean food in ep.2

The time has come. 😱 🔪 🐟

In episode 2, Jin, for the first time in his life, makes Hoe (sashimi) from live fish.

(Hobi can’t believe Jin has successfully done it)

This is hoe!

You probably know what 회 hoe (sashimi) is, right? It is basically eating raw fish. The fish on top of sushi is hoe/sashimi.

Hoe/sashimi can be made with many different types of fish, what members ate this time was a flounder. A typical type of fish Koreans enjoy.

(No, he is not THE flounder from the Little Mermaid!! I know what you are thinking right now😂😂😂)

The one in the picture is the flounder Koreans eat. 

#부대찌개 Budae Jjigae

The second menu prepared is 부대찌개 Budae Jjigae.

Budae Jjigae is one of the easy level Korean menus for foreigners to try! I am sure you will fall in love with the Budae Jjigae once you taste it!

Budae jjigae is a kind of stew made with ham, sausage, spam, baked beans, kimchi, gochujang, and other seasonings. 

Did you notice the ingredients are not very ‘Traditional Korean’? 

The name ‘Budae Jjigae’ means ‘Army base stew’ in Korean. It was created shortly after the Korean war. 

People had not much to eat, they made food with whatever they can find. And they saw lots of leftovers, food trashed from the U.S Army base. Now you see how Budae Jjigae was born.

Despite the sad behind story, Koreans (especially young generations) enjoy this menu. 

Watch this YT clip [Anthony Bourdain cooks Korean food for Anderson Cooper] making and tasting ‘budae jjigae’.

So, for dinner, members had ‘hoe’ (by Jin) and ‘Budae jjigae’ (by Suga). 

But this menu seems odd for Koreans. 

Not a right match for a dinner table.

However, it makes total sense when you see the next.

# alcohol-

Members are drinking alcohol at dinner.

That makes budae jjigae and hoe ‘anju’, not dinner as a meal.

안주 Anju is a word for dishes Koreans side with alcohol. 

Now you think, what is the difference between a dinner plate and Anju dish when you consume food in the evening isn’t it the same?

Yes. It is the same.

The menu was an odd pair for a meal for a dinner, but not odd at all for when pairing with alcohol. 

Koreans enjoy food with alcohol and any food you pair with alcohol is ‘anju’.

So, what are the choice of alcohol for each members?

J-Hope drank beer, and RM had Bokbuja raspberry wine (I like this one too!). And other members had soju, and beer.

Soju goes well with the hoe and Jin& Suga enjoys this quite often.

RM drank right out of the bottle 🤣but usually, Koreans use soju glass to drink.

Bokbuja raspberry wine

Bokbunja is Korean black raspberry and this is a sweet dessert wine. 

(I like this too! recommended!)

J-Hope and TaeTae chose Klaud Draft. (sold in Korea)

+ and a year after In The SOOP series, in 2021, BTS members are officially drinking Klaud beer. 😎

Suga, Jin, and Jimin had soju and beer.

(Classic Korean alcohol)

Okay!! see ya in the following posts! 😆😆😆😆😆💖

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Come watch unnie’s Life in Seoul Korea VLOGs =)

Unnie is here to introduce you to all the hidden good spots only Koreans know and popular eats here!!!

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