BTS Jungkook Perfume List – From Fabric Softener To Body Mists.

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Here is all the perfume he uses if you want to smell like what BTS Jungkook smells like

BTS Jungkook is perfume and fragrance obsessed.  Here are the “detective” armys’ found-out-so-far lists of Jungkookie’s perfumes. 

1. Foment for men

(updated! Jan.12.2021) 

On Bangtan Bomb Jan. 12, 2021 Yoongi used Jungkook’s perfume, and Army’s figured out this was this product. 

[Forment]FORMENT FOR MEN Signature cologne Cotton Black 50ml

Unfortunately, it’s sold in Korea.


(Watch from 3:18)


(updated! Jan.12.2021)

K-Armys are amazing, within hours of the BangtanBomb release, they found these!

(This ‘White Snow’ is also a soft soapy fragrance that JK likes and got the same black lid, silver inner spraying part. What do you think?)

However, there are plenty of possibilities that this bottle was just an empty bottle filled with his other perfume. Since it wasn’t blurred and we don’t see a significant label.

(Watch same Bangtan Bomb clip from 3:21~)

3. Downy Adorable

A fan asked what kind of fabric softener he uses, he answered this Downy adorable, and right away this item got immediately SOLD OUT on and offline.

4. W.Dressroom New York 97

Tae gifted Jungkook this fabric perfume.

This has soapy& cottony fragrance. Jk also uses Peach fragrance of this.

5. Victoria's Secret Noir Tease

Jk was spotted using in BangtanBomb. And this was also introduced as his item in a Japanese magazine.

6. BVLGARI Omnia Paraiba

Bvlgari Omnia paraiba was found in his bag. (Magazine) And he interviewed ” As I said I’m sensitive to scents I want to smell good. Then the other person won’t be uncomfortable.”

7. Philosophy Grace Perfume

It’s unfortunate, we don’t know which particulate one, but he drew this to a fan when he was asked, “Do you use a perfume? What do you use?”

8.Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction

Armys are not missing out little scenes. This was spotted and fans have figured out the item is the Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Body Mist.

9. Hermes Le Jardin Monsieur Li (15ml) & BBW Mists

This is a Jk’s room, lots of items are spotted here. Armys have discovered some of the items

  • BBW SweetPea
  • BBW Jasmine&Greentea Apple Mist
  • Thahiti Island Dream Fragrance Mist
  • Hermes Le Jardin Monsieur Li 15ml (Jungkook mentioned once he sprayed perfume that smells like “a tangerine orchard” and Armys are guessing this is the one.

10. Gucci Flora Glamorous Magnolia

And he is known to use other products as