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The Best BTS Performance on YouTube

How about BTS Legendary Stage Performances Compilation?

I gathered the Best special stages of BTS performances every Army must watch!  

They are not in timely order precisely but sorted roughly by each year!

Many of the videos are Award Show performances and I only suggested the best.


Some videos have SUBTITLES! (Korean lyrics translated into English)

# We Are Bulletproof Pt2

06. 13. 2013 The Debut Stage.

The beginning of BTS.

The very first performance they had on the media. 

# 2015 MAMA BTS vs Block B

BTS in early days. 

This is the clip where Jimin rips off his shirt on the stage. 

And also shirtless for the rest of the performances.

# 2015 MBC Music Festival

Ahh… The MBC…

MBC didn’t do a good on the camera job for the intro performance. (They spent so much effort for JUST ONE TIME PERFORMANCE!) 

BigHit re-filmed and uploaded it on their YT channel. (BigHit even put ‘VERY GOOD CAMERA’ subtitle on the movie.)

BigHit Ent. and MBC are not in a good relationship.

Long story in short, MBC has been treating BigHit and BTS shitty because they were a small, powerless company. 

Now BigHit is the biggest entertainment company in Korea, paying MBC back. hahaha 

Also a performance from 2015 MBC Music Festival.

This is a cover stage of a first-generation K-pop idol ‘Shinhwa’.

Jimin here got the nickname the ‘Orange hair guy’ by Koreans. 

Search ‘주황머리 걔’ (which means the orange hair guy) on YouTube and you get this video.

# 2016 Seoul Music Awards (Fancam)

It’s a fancam with over a Million views.

Run + Dope

# 2016 MAMA

Jhooooooooooppee and Jiminniieeeeee 

the Legend stage ‘Boy Meets Evil’

BTS_Boy Meets Evil Part.1 + Boy Meets Evil Part.2 + Blood Sweat&Tears

[2016 MAMA] BTS – FIRE

# 2016 Gayodaejejeon

BTS- As I Told U

A cover song of Kim Sung Jae –  As I Told You (1995)

If you think about it, it is just so cute the song was born about when they were!

BTS- Rainism

A cover song of Rain-Rainism (2008)

The original song is well known to Koreans and the BTS cover was hot among K-armys. 

(To be exact, Jungkook covering Rain’s dance was hot among K-armys)

Because, I think, Rain is just too sexy.

He was the top artist then and had full 15 minutes performance at the ending of the Mnet KM Music Awards. (now it’s changed to MMA)

Watch the Rain clip if you are curious. ‘Rainism’ begins 12:20

# 2017 MAMA

[2017 MAMA in Hong Kong] BTS_INTRO Perf. + Not Today

[2017 MAMA in Hong Kong] BTS_BTS Cypher 4 + MIC DROP(Steve Aoki Remix Ver.)

Okay, I debated myself to add this or not. I don’t like the camerawork.

But… Can’t miss the intro, pretty outfit, cypher 4, the beginning part of MIC Drop …so here it is.

+ so many people pick this as one of the best stage.

# 2018 MAMA in HONG KONG

BTS(방탄소년단)_INTRO Perf. + Airplane pt.2 │2018 MAMA in HONG KONG 181214

BTS_IDOL│2018 MAMA in HONG KONG 181214

2018 MAMA is the legend!

The Airplane pt.2- Jungkook’s runway & Red hair Taehyung!!!

The outfit, stage, and even their hairstyle is perfect.

I keep using the word ‘legend’ because it is.🤣



Please watch the BangtanBomb version of the dance break… the camera work was TT….

The marionette dance break still gives me chills. Love love love

[BANGTAN BOMB] ‘FAKE LOVE’ Special Stage (BTS focus) @2018 MAMA – BTS (방탄소년단)

BTS_INTRO + Anpanman│2018 MAMA FANS’ CHOICE in JAPAN 181212

And this astronaut Joonie in Anpanman is too famous you must have seen him somewhere. hahahaha. Cutie loverly BTS!!

# 2018 MMA

[믿고보는MMA] ※소름주의※ 방탄소년단(BTS) – IDOL Full.ver

Yes, this is the stage BigHit spent 270k USD on.

(Just for one performance) 

K-armys were thrilled to see BTS in Hanbok and traditional concept. 

This is the full version of the 2018 MMA.

# 2018 Golden Disc Awards

I love ‘Not Today’ stages.

# 2019 MMA


BTS- 상남자

BTS- Boy with Luv

BTS- Mikrocosmos

+members special solo stages**

BTS- Dionysus

# 2019 KBS Gayodaechukje

BTS in SUITS is illegal. 😍

From 2020 Lots of shows got SUBTITLES!!

# 2020 Grammys

# 2020 MMA

  • The Beautiful ‘Black Swan’ Performance –  JungKook lifted Jimin
  • ‘Dynamite’ Michael Jackson Dance Break – Jhoooooooooooooooooooppppeee

# 2020 MAMA

Performance begins 13:07

14:45 ‘ON’ with Marching Band

20:56 Dynamite

24:41 Life Goes On with Hologram Yoongi

It’s the practice video of the same ‘ON’ performance.  

# 2020 The Tonight Show

Performances in 2020

# 2020 Tiny Desk Concert

00:00 Dynamite

4:00 Save ME

8:03 Spring Day

# 2020 MTV VMAs

# Dear Class of 2020 Performance

00:00 Boy with Luv

3:50 Spring Day

8:26 Mikrokosmos

(There is also a ‘Commencement Speech’ video in YT if you wish to watch it.)

# 2020 America’s Got Talent


# 2020 I Heart Radio

00:00 Dynamite

3:21 Make it Right

7:12 Spring Day

11:44 Boy with Luv

# 2020

2:13 Make it Right

5:59 Mikrokosmos

10:00 Dynamite

# 2020 CDTV Live! Live! Christmas Special


# 2020 SBS Gayodaejeon

00:00 intro~

00:37 Black Swan

3:53 Life Goes On Christmas Version

7:40 Dynamite Christmas version (feat. Snowman Suga)

# 2020 Good Morning America

Life Goes On 

# 2020 The Late Late Show with James Corden

00:00 Boy with Luv

3:50 Spring Day

8:26 Mikrokosmos

# 2021 Good Morning America

I tried to add only the best but I only see the best in every stage I had a difficult time sorting stages. 

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