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[50 best] BTS RM Twitter meme series by Korean armys

 K-armys just had so much fun with it, Mindy unnie wanted to share it with I-armys too!!  

The BTS RM’s ‘김남준 회원님’ (Kim Namjoon hoewon-nim) T witter meme series all begun with the picture.


As RM is the personal trainer and other BTS members are the gym membership owners/clients.


From here on, Namjoon is going to call other members ‘Hoewon-nim’.

*Hoewon-nim : Hoewon literally means a ‘member’ who joined, signed for a club (such as a gym) as a client.

Koreans use titles to address others. Calling a client ‘Mr. Client’ is a common practice.

The ‘nim’ followed is a high-level of honorific used to show respect to someone, added after one’s title or name. 


BEST BTS RM Twitter Meme series

1. BTS RM Twitter Meme: Jin

🐨 Hoewon-nim. where are you, come to work out.

🐹 Trainer-nim. I’ve given a thought… Isn’t it too much perfection if I have a good body when I already have this face ..? So I’m thinking about skipping the workout today. Then, chu-

🐨Hoewon-nim, I thought you were going to bulk up. If you eat like that it’s never going to happen.

🐹 Yea? Don’t worry, Because I drink up water “bulk-up bulk-up”. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

*in Korean, drinking water down fast is described 벌컥벌컥 which sounds (bulkuk-bulkuk). 

🐹 When it’s tasty, it is 0 calories   >v<

🐨 Hoewon-nim. A Bulgogi burger is 613 calories

🐹 Aigoo-o, Mr.trainer-nim you are here. How are you feeling this afternoon? Whahahahaahaka!!

🐨 Hoewon-nim… I’m not gonna let you go home even with that sweet talk today.

🐹 That man.. doesn’t know the joy of goodies!

🐨 Hoewon-nim….

🐹 ah? umm coach, let me explain

🐨 Hoewon-nim….

2. BTS RM Twitter Meme: Jimin

🐥 Am I… charming?

🐨Let’s do one more set and you’ll be SUPER charming~ hoewon-nim

🐨Hoewon-nim. Wake up. It’s time to workout.

🐥 I’m tir…e….@#%&$

🐨Hoewon-nim. How many sets have you done? ^^

🐥 0 sets.. lol

🐥I’m not going to the training session today, I have a date.

🐨Hoewon-nim. Where will you go? If you drink alcohol, you are running twice long tomorrow.

🐥Coach….it’s too hard, my heart is about to explode.

🐨Hoewon-nim. Hearts do not explode easily.

🐥…I ordered by mistakeu


🐨Hoewon-nim~ You followed the instructed diet today, right?

🐥 Yes? What? Of course, I didn’t eat kimchi fried rice….(ate)

3. BTS RM Twitter Meme: Jungkook

🐨Hoewon-nim. I thought you are just having one chopstick-full.

🐰 Yes. Right. This is just one chopstick-full.

* ‘one chopstick-full’ like spoon-full. 


🐰 Whut


🐨There, Hoewon-nim. Sir… You shouldn’t eat in the back (walk towards them)

🐰 Hyung.. Hyung-ah, quickly. eat up quickly. 

🐰 Hellooo, I want to workout tooo.

🐨Ahhh, cute hoewon-nim is here. Let’s start with a body composition analysis first?

🐰 A bodi composition analysis?

🐰So, I take off my clothes?



🐨We have an open trainer position at this gym at this moment.

4. BTS RM Twitter Meme: V


🐻I bought this to give to you

🐨The one you took a bite off?

🐻Coach, I can’t do it anymore. I feel like dying

🐨Hoewon-nim ^^ Humans do not die that easily ^^

🐻What you think. I look cool, right? yap yap

🐨YES~ you look REALLY cool. hoewon-nim~

🐻Heheh Mr.trainer-nim, It’s done like this, right hehehh hehe 



🐻life is one shot

🐨Hoewon-nim.^^ When you talk nonsense while workout you lose muscle mass. I’m adding one more set ^^

*life is a room( 인생은 한방이다) is a direct, literal translation of Korean psalms “인생은 한방이다” which means to change whole life by one big event. Used a lot in situations like gambling or a lottery. The word ‘한방’ means one shot/one punch, but it is same as ‘한 방’  =one room.

🐻Oh, Coach, look! There was a UFO in the sky!!

🐨Hoewon-nim. I don’t buy that anymore. Stop stalling time and let’s do one more set.


🐹Then, please take good care of my brother, Sir.

🐨Oh, please, say no more.

🐨Hoewon-nim, since your brother has asked in favor, we are going in a special program. 

🐻I want to go home

🐨You want to move a home? I promise I’ll make sure you can move things as big as a house.



5. BTS RM Twitter Meme: J-Hope

🐨^-^ Hoewon-nim…

🐿(The time is now, RUN. Seriously, RUN)

🐨I can see you in the back ^-^..


🐨Did you say something?




🐨Are you sure?


🐨 Be honest and I will cancel your workout for today.

🐿…. I apologize, Sir…


🐨 Hoewon-nim…

🐿 got me 8ㅅ8

🐨 Hoewon-nim…

🐿 not me~!!

🐨 Hoewon-nim…

🐿 got me 8ㅅ8

🐨 Hoewon-nim…

🐿 You got me but I’mma drink anyway 0x0

🐿 Coach~ I’m on the instructed diet~ restraining myself from the appetite~

🐨 Hoewon-nim… please take the photo of the meal, not a selfie. 

🐨 Hoewon-nim, I knew you’d be here.. Should we go workout…

🐿 Holy, how’d you find me here. Man, you persistent dude.

🐨 Hoewon-nim, carb goes straight to your belly fat

🐿 Whut you saying? Koreans live on rice energy. 

*Koreans actually say ‘한국인은 밥심으로 산다’ Which can be translated as ‘Koreans live from the power/energy gained by rice (a meal)’. 

6. BTS RM Twitter Meme: Suga

🐨 Hoewon-nim.

🐱 Who’s name is Hoewon?

🐱 Who is it,,,,,

🐨 I’m your personal trainer. I’ll take care of your wellness starting today. ^^

🐱 ,,,,,,

7. BTS RM Twitter Meme: Namjoon

🐨 Umm… Hoewon-nim?

🐕 I want to give up. This is too hard  T.T

🐨 Hoewon-nim, put down the calories.

🐕 Nah just..

     I’m just holding it..

& other related tweets

‘ )’  Coach, I lost 2lbs lol.

🐨 Hoewon-nim, it’s been 10 years since we started working out together

2020 The Best Thriller

[Hoewon-nim, Did you enjoy Thanksgiving feast?]

*추석(Chuseok) is a Korean holiday celebrating the biggest harvest of the year. Families gather around, make special food to share, visit hometowns, and visit ancestors’ graves to give thanks, to honor. 

🐹Lifting weights and the secret of longevity. We invited Personal Trainer Kim Namjoon here today to talk about the correlation between those two. 

🐨 Thanks for having me today, Hoewon- nim.

Kim Namjoon mimicking Hoewon-nim series on Twitter. *shivering*

2020 The #1 Horror Movie


*indicating Namjoon knows about K-armys making memes and has been watching…

Omg lmfao I googled Kim Namjoon and in a related search I see, “Kim Namjoon Hoewon-nim” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Here again, RM is imitating ‘Hoewon-nim series’..

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