BTS Official Social Media Just Like BTS Twitter (Complete Guide 2021)

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[BTS] EVERY ★Official Social Media Account ★ you wanted to know!

Are you searching for BTS Twitter social media account? 

BTS is AMAZINGLY everywhere online and army are blessed by flooded contents. BUT what good is it if you don’t know where to find them?

I have gathered the OFFICIAL pages that YOU are looking for! ( more than just social media accounts like Twitter !)


Here is the full LIST

  1. Weverse
  2. BTS members twitter
  3. BTS official twitter
  4. Bighit official twitter
  5. Vlive TV
  6. Facebook
  7. Bangtan Blog
  8. Sound Cloud
  9. BANGTANTV- YouTube
  10. Bighit Label- YouTube
  11. BT21- YouTube
  12. Spotify
  13. Tiktok
  14. Bighit Ent. website -BTS albums

Social Media 1. Weverse App & Weverse Shop

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Weverse App

  • Weverse is an application made by BigHit Entertainment. You can communicate with BigHit artists through this app(literally). And the best part of this app is that you can find every content in one place.(that’s been scattered in YouTube, Vlive, Fan communities…etc)
  • BTS traveling TV program ‘Bon Voyage’ seasons 1~3 were all presented through Vlive app, but season 4 was Weverse exclusive!!! (I highly recommend you to watch the ‘Bon Voyage’ series💜💜💜💜💜💜)
  • Some contents are fee, some are charged.

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Weverse Shop

  • You need to join the fan club to purchase. 
  • Official MD.

Social Media 2. BTS Members Twitter

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This BTS Member’s Official Twitter SNS account is shared among the members. It was the only SNS communication before Weverse came out. Now they run both Weverse app and Twitter. 

Social Media 3. BTS Official Twitter

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This account is BTS Official, BTS official schedules, pictures, and news posts are here.

BTS Twitter SNS are these two!

Social Media 4. BigHit Entertainment Official Twitter

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You can check news of BTS & other artists of BigHit Ent. on this BigHit Entertainment Official Twitter account!

Social Media 5. Vlive TV

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  • BTS is also famous for their energetic, bright, mischievous characteristics. And you get to see them in the variety web series called ‘RUN BTS’. Where members get different missions, play games, have activities in each episodes. But this web series have a sad behind story. When they were just rookies, because they were from a small agency they didn’t get invited to major TV shows. So they chose to film themselves and post online for fans. But this turned out great, ends up growing more fandom from this content.
  • Vlive TV has more contents so definitely check them out!
  • BTS members sometimes stream live!!! so don’t miss out.

Social Media 6. Facebook

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BTS Official Facebook account.

  • BTS Official High definition pictures and posts are uploaded.

Social Media 7. BANGTAN Blog

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The blog contains

  • BTS member’s logs from debut (before debut)
  • releasing member’s self-composed songs. (and in Sound Cloud)
  • member’s cover songs
  • EAT Jin, Hope on the Street… 
  • Pictures
  • …etc

8. Sound Cloud

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In the Sound Cloud, BTS members uploaded cover songs, self-composed songs, and mixtapes. 

All the BTS music in the Sound Cloud are for free.


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BTS has uncountable video film and this YouTube channel is one of the ways to find them!

Lots and lots of contents are flooding continuously. 

Contents here includes interviews, vlogs, practice, behind episodes and so on! 

10. BigHit Label -YouTube

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This is BigHit Labels YouTube Channel. You will find BTS and other artists here. 

Music Videos and Teasers are uploaded through this channel.

11. BT21 - YouTube

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BT21 is characters created by BTS members. On this YouTube channel you get to see how the characters were born.

You’ll be familiar with the characters if not already, because they are loved by members and show up very often if you follow the members.

12. Spotify

Follow BTS on Spotify.

BTS members each have their playlists too.

SNS 13. TikTok

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BTS is also on TikTok.

Of course, they have every sns accounts available!

BigHit Ent Websit(BTS Albums Page) is always displayed the newest album released.

If you want to read more information about previous albums, go to the first page of the link.  Click the hamburger button on the left top corner and find ‘Discography’.

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How to look around the website-

  1. Click the album to enter.

2. click ALBUM INFO

3. Here is the Dynamite Single Album. And if you just scroll down, you will find…

4. a music video

5. concept photos

6. and their promotion schedules! 

7. scroll all the way up and find hamburger button, under BTS, click ‘Discography’ for other album information. If you need to change languages, the button is located on the top right corner.

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