HYYH Bangtan Universe: Understand The Characters Before You Begin The Journey.

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HYYH Bangtan Universe Background Information of the Characters

- Little Note Before We Begin -

*Everything is a FICTIONAL,  no events/backgrounds are related to the members*

*also be aware the contents include VIOLENCE, SUICIDE, ARSON, DRUG ABUSE…etc*

The stories are all from ‘The Note’ to help understand the characteristics.

HYYH Bangtan Universe-Seokjin

     “Please take good care of him.” When my father put his hand on my shoulder, I flinched before I knew it. “School is a dangerous place. We need to have regulations.” The principal was looking directly at me.

     The event that would happen that day was an accident. It’s not something I intended. I didn’t think Jungkook and Yoongi would be in the classroom at that time……He said he could tell my father that I’m not a good student. I had to say something…….However, it happened that Yoongi was expelled from school.

     I recalled the first day of school. We were late and were punished together for it. So we could laugh. I’m the one who ruined these moments.

HYYH Bangtan Universe -Jimin

      ……I almost ran into someone and I fell down, so I lifted my head. Jimin stood stuck in that spot. The muscles in his face trembled as if he had seen something scary…… Jimin was looking stood a sign that said Flower Arboretum 2.2km.

     Last year, I transferred schools after getting out of the hospital. The school was far away from home, and I didn’t know anyone. I thought it would be okay. I had already moved schools several times, and since I didn’t know when I’d hospitalized again, I didn’t think it was a big deal.

     Jimin’s mother crossed the emergency room. ……I approached hesitantly to talk about why Jimin was brought to the emergency room and how he had a seizure at the bus stop. …… When I lifted my head, Jimin’s bed had been moved out of the emergency room and I couldn’t see it. After that day Jimin didn’t return to school.

HYYH Bangtan Universe -Namjoon

      Now only Namjoon-hyung was left. Hyung, who could feel everyone’s eyes on him, shrugged his shoulders and opened his mouth. “I want to say good words, but I don’t really have a dream either. I wish they’d raise my hourly wage at my part-time job.”

     “We have to survive.” As the lead broke, there was a scribble scratched on the paper without me knowing, marks of debris left on it. Between the jet-black powder of the graphite and the scribble, there were scattered squalid stories of poverty, parents, younger siblings, and moving.

     Jungkook once said, “I want to become an adult like you.” At that time, I couldn’t say anything. That I’m not that good of an adult, no, that I’m not even an adult. It felt cruel to say that at that time. I couldn’t tell a young friend who could not receive attention, trust, and affection that getting older, getting taller, and living a bit more did not make an adult, but I couldn’t promise to help in that process.

HYYH Bangtan Universe- Hoseok

     I don’t remember my mom’s face from that day well. I only recall her giving me a chocolate bar after I went around the amusement park.

     It was cold and solid. It was a line I could never cross. I had lived at the orphanage for more than 10 years. I could tell that much through my body, my eyes, the air.

     I thought she resembled my mother. No, it wasn’t a form of thought or recognition, nor could it be explained or described. ….. I tried to calm my breath that wouldn’t settle, I heard the sound of “Where are you going Hoseok?” A voice. I didn’t know whether or not it was a voice. A voice that calls “Hoseok.” Now something I couldn’t recall, a voice that takes me back to when I was seven.

HYYH Bangtan Universe- Taehyung

     I thoughtlessly jumped into my dad’s arms. I don’t remember what happened next. Whether the smell of alcohol was first, whether the cursing was first, whether he slapped my cheek first. ……His bright red eyes were scary, but I was so scared I couldn’t cry. That wasn’t my dad. No, it was my dad. But, it wasn’t.

     I felt like I was floating in the deep sea alone. I was fearful and scared. Dismal and insignificant. I got angry. I got angry and couldn’t stand it……I was always scared. My dad’s blood runs in me too. I thought that I also didn’t know whether violence was inherent. I felt like something was going to slip past the firmly wrapped shield and come out.

     I started doing graffiti long ago. I tried spraying a wall with a spray can someone had thrown away. ……. I didn’t know what meaning the colors on the wall had. I didn’t know what I had done or why. Just one thing, I could guess that it was my feelings……At first, I thought it was unsightly. I thought it was dirty. It was stupid, useless, and pathetic. I didn’t like it….I crushed different colors and mashed it into different forms. I leaned against that wall. It wasn’t a problem of me not liking it. It also wasn’t a problem of it not being beautiful. It was just me.

HYYH Bangtan Universe- Yoongi

     When the funeral was over, I went alone to the house that had been destroyed by the fire. When I entered my mother’s room, I could see the piano burned beyond recognition.

     I suddenly got out of bed. I pulled out the piano key from the trashcan under the desk. When I opened the window, the night air surged in fiercely……I threw that key into the air with all my might…… No matter how much time passed, that key would not be able to make a sound again. I won’t play the piano again. 

     It’s been more than ten days since I’ve been to school. I heard the news that I had been expelled.

     At that moment, I suddenly heard the sound of a piano, fire, the sound of a building collapsing. I covered my head and dropped. They said, “It’s because of you.” “If only it weren’t for you.” My mother’s voice, no, my voice, no, someone’s voice. Those words tormented me countless times.

HYYH Bangtan Universe- Jungkook

     Ultimately, it was according to my wish. I bumped into the thugs I met on the street on purpose and was beat up to my heart’s content. I smiled while getting hit, so they called me crazy while hitting me more…….Some distance away, I could see a bit of grass standing. The wind blew, and it laid down. It was like me. I thought I would cry, but I purposefully smiled.

     I closed my eyes, and I could see the image of my stepfather clearing his throat. My stepbrother kicked me and laughed at me. My stepfather’s family members looked elsewhere and talked meaninglessly. As if I weren’t there, they acted as if my existence were nothing.

     I went up to the roof of the construction site. The city of the night stretched out with a horrible color. I claimed on top of the railing and walked, spreading my two arms open…… I thought how with just one step, I’d die. If I died, it’d all end. No one would be sad if I were gone.