[Post 2] Cute Korean Handwriting Styles Compilation- Reviewed By A Native Korean Unnie.

[Post 2] Cute Korean Handwritings Of K-Pop Idols Compilation- And Writing Styles Reviewed By A Korean Unnie.

K-Pop Idol’s cute Korean handwritings selected by Korean Idol fans. 

Mindy unnie gathered all here and reviewed them for YOU. 

The list got too long I am splitting the post to make it post 2. (Picture loading time😭)

Well, you can’t tell a person’s personality traits by one’s handwriting style. I’m making up how I ‘think’ this person might be, to help you ‘feel’ how the Korean handwriting style feels to Koreans.

  1. AB6IX -Daehwi
  2. SF9 – Young Bin
  3. TVXQ – Changmin
  4. Rainbow- Kim Jaekyung
  5. Rainbow- Ji-sook
  6. Monsta X – Minhyuk
  7. Twice – Sana
  8. Seventeen – Seungkwan
  9. SNSD – Taeyeon

His writing really represents his personality.😍

And did you notice the resemblance between his Korean and English handwriting style?

His handwriting style is so #cute and colorful. I am in love with it.

If I was a WANNAONE fan or AB6IX fan, I am definitely practicing his handwriting style. 

#lovely #happy #10s~30s #cute #joyous #vivacious

I feel this person is #well-educated and #kind

This guy is the nice and cool boy at high school, also #diligent in classes. 

Girls use this style too! If a girl, has many friends, everyone in the school knows her. She plays many sports. She is the type you can often see hanging out with a group of boys.

#clean #neat #polite #all age range #sincere #nice #good personality #genderless


Don’t you think this person got an upright personality? 

A #retro style handwriting type like this is seen everywhere on the media, popular handwriting font type. 

His writing style reminds me of ‘Astro’ Cha Eun-woo’s style from the first post. They look alike.

#genderless #classic #aesthetic  #age range all

Rainbow Jaekyung was a talented idol. Her group didn’t get much noticed, unfortunately, but she was famous for many things including her handwriting style!

It’s so written regular, looks almost printed. 

I recommend Jaekyung’s pretty Korean handwriting style to girls! 

This style writes clearly (almost no cursive points to make you confuse), cute, very regular to follow, and Korean approved!

#pretty #cute #girl #aesthetic #age 10~30s 

Jisook is another known Golden hand (금손)- crafty person- member in the group. 

Her Korean handwriting style was issued when her group was active on the media, but now they disbanded and seems forgotten by the public.

I also suggest this style for you to practice! for the same reasons as above! It’s written clean, no cursive point, very cute, almost regular to follow, and Korean approved!

#cute #lovely #girl #10~20s #aesthetic 

Wow. I ‘wow’ every time I see a new handwriting style, but I see why so many people mentioned Minhyuk when I was researching. It’s great!

This style is #natural, he didn’t work hard to make it look better, got #cursive points but not completely cursive. Quite #neat #clear so no difficulty in reading.

The style is based on traditional font which is the style well-educated, somewhat ‘sophisticated’ class of Koreans (only to upper generation) use. Which nowadays to our young generation looks at it as mature font, adult-like font, intellectual style font, but no more than that.

#age 30+ It’s completely fine for 10s~20s to use these a little # mature style fonts, but you are going to hear from Koreans, “you write like an adult!” a lot.

If you saw from the 1st post… These #mature styles are persued and favored by #boys more. 


Twice Sana is a Japanese! Korean is her second language and how in the world she writes like a perfect printed font?

Fans say her writing style is even better than Korean. I have to agree with the fans. It’s way better than mine too.

She was also mentioned A LOT when I was researching pretty Korean handwriting online. 

#cute #aesthetic #lively #age 10s~20s (Maybe 30s) #girls 

#NEAT #clean #SIMPLE #genderless #all age 

Sound boring and blend?

His handwriting style is in fact fascinating!!! It is so well-written, a letter by letter, he shows he cares!

There is no unique point in his style.

But I think this proves ‘the simple is the best’.

How Taeyeon’s Korean handwriting style looks like to me is…

Red Velvet Seulgi’s and OhMyGirl Arin’s (from the 1st post) #cute style evolved as she got older, became more #calm, #just a little simpler.

I feel similar things with Rainbow Kim Jaekyung’s style.

I imagine a fashionable college girl would write in this style.😙

Basically it’s #cute, #girly #lovely #friendly #sweet #aesthetic #20s~30s

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Well, you can’t tell a person’s personality traits by one’s handwriting style. I’m making up how I ‘think’ this person might be to help you ‘feel’ how the Korean handwriting style feels to Koreans. 

Wait for Mindy unnie! 

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