Cute Korean Handwriting Styles Compilation- Reviewed By A Native Korean Unnie.

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NATIVE Korean unnie made a list of ‘Cute Korean Handwriting Styles Compilation’ of K-pop Idols and reviewed each one of them!

Unnie hope my reviews of feelings of the handwritings help you understand how those look like to a native Korean

*The personality traits are NOT REAL! made up by how I feel about the fonts!

  1. Red Velvet Seulgi
  2. Red Velvet Irene
  3. BlackPink Jisoo
  4. OhMyGirl Arin
  5. AOA Mina
  6. (G)IDLE Mi-yeon
  7. OhMyGirl Hyojung
  8. BTS Kim Namjoon
  9. Mammamoo Hwasa
  10. (G)IDLE Minnie
  11. Bang Yongguk
  12. NU’EST Aron

I feel friendly with Seulgi’s handwriting. I have seen many girlfriends write like this. This style was the popular one for girls, many followed this when I was in high school. 

She writes cute and round like the bear character she drew with her signature.

Follow her writing style if you like #cute #popular #friendly #lovely #sweet #girly #teenage to 20s #daily

Irene’s style is more angular shaped which is another way of cute handwriting you can see in Korean writing. 

(if you don’t the difference well, take a close look at ‘ㄴ’ ‘ㄹ’ ‘ㅂ’ ‘ㅈ’ ‘ㄷ’ ‘ㄱ’… these letters are very angular in Irene’s style)

Her handwriting style is complemented by many Koreans. 

It is very similar to Seulgi’s.

#cute #10~20s #college student #sociable #amiable #girl

Koreans picked Black Pink Jisoo’s as one of the #cute Korean handwritings. I agree too.

Jisoo’s and Irene’s handwriting styles look alike. Looks almost the same to me, like one person wrote all. 

What do you think?

I’m gonna use the same keywords for her. 

#cute #10~20s #college student #sociable #amiable #girl

Arin’s Korean handwriting style reminds me of the first style I introduced, Red Velvet Seulgi’s.

I see a similar style. It’s #cute #lovely #teenage #pretty 

#comfortable #daily #joyous #optimistic

Mina’s handwriting style is famous. It’s on the calligraphy level. 

For better readability, I won’t suggest you this Korean handwriting style to practice. Even I have to concentrate and study her writing to read a full sentence. It is perfectly pretty and awesome but is art.

This is #unique #pretty #fancy #confident

(G)IDLE Miyeon got such a cute font like, popping candy-like, Korean handwriting style.

I’d like to describe it #aegyo-ful handwriting, very suiting Miyeon.

However, this style is #cuteness overload you should be careful to use on some occasions. 

  • letter to boyfriend O
  • in business office X
  • writing assignment △
  • write a resume X
  • card to a cousin O
  • presentation at work X
  • leaving a note to a coworker O

Other #cute styles are all fine to be used daily, on any occasion.  This one is #like a font, got a specific impression.

Also, this handwriting is only suggested for a #girl. (I believe you all got this part already)

#teenage #cute #pretty #aegyo #vivacious #jolly #lovely #girlfriend-like #babyish  

This writing style makes me comfortable! She approaches a more mature, nice, a kind girl to me through these notes.

This writing style is not trying to be fancy or cute (in my opinion).  It is persuing #neat

I don’t mean her writing is plain. This still is #pretty. But it can be argued #genderless!

I have #trust in this person because this style feels #young, #polite at the same time.  

#friendly #mature #nice #sincere #kind #modest #neat #genderless #age 20s+ 

Here is another similar Korean writing style to Hyojung’s.

A good example of #neat #modern #sincere #modest but still feels #young at age range a millennial and under. 

Do you recognize the letter and the name?

The leader of BTS, Kim Namjoon.  RM’s Korean handwriting. 💜

He is my bias he gets many pictures 💛😘❤

This is also his writing, style changed little from the one above.

He began writing in a little #Korean cursive style.

As a Korean, the CHANGES feel more #modest #intellectual #matured #grown up #refined.

Hwasa’s is my other favorite here! 

The drag at the end is a unique style of hers, I love it!

I don’t exactly know how to describe this… It’s in between many styles.

Her style is #mature but #young, #cursive but not too cursive, #girl but it also can be argued #genderless.

And #good-hearted, #sweet heart, definitely on the #cute handwriting style side but not a schoolgirl, aegyo-type cute. Mild, gentle, placid way of cuteness maybe.

Hwasa’s Korean handwriting style looks practical and attractive to Koreans. But to those who are learning Korean as a second language, this may not be the best choice to practice. This style writes consonants small that some letters can look a bit unclear, and it also got cursive points which I don’t suggest at the learning stage.


Did you know Minnie is Thai?

She learned Korean just like you and Koreans think her handwriting is even better than the natives.

Her writing style feels like a more cute, #girly version of Astro Cha Eun-woo’s genderless handwriting.

#neat #cute #clean #simple #modern aesthetic #Age 10s~ 30s #goodhearted 


And named ‘Yontararak Font’

or ‘욘따라락체’ in Korean

This blogger is a fan, he made Minnie’s font and shared it with everyone! (Korean font is difficult to make)

Click the button below to a blog post(written in Korean), scroll down until you see the page I screenshot. Click the link and download for free. 

Link To The Blog

B.A.P Bang Yong-guk surprised me. While searching for idols and Korean celebs’ handwriting style, I did not expect to see this kind of handwriting styles from an idol.

He approaches different from just an idol Bang Yong-guk now.

If I only got this handwriting and no other information, I maybe guess this person this way. 

A man in his 40s, who works in a company or A woman in her 50s, who works as a local librarian. 

Well, this is a COMMON cursive handwriting style for Korean over the age 50s with education. Young Koreans with this handwriting style considered #mature.

By the way, did you notice the similarity with BTS RM’s handwriting? When RM’s handwriting becomes just a little more cursive, it is close to Bang Yong-guk’s handwriting.

#Korean cursive #intellectual #experienced #mature #genderless

Wow, it’s an unbelievably #cute handwriting style I didn’t expect from Aron!

This looks like a well-designed font to me. The style got its attractive points.

#young #genderless #simple #modern aesthetic

Well, you can’t tell a person’s personality traits by one’s handwriting style. I’m making up how I ‘think’ this person might be to help you ‘feel’ how the Korean handwriting style feels to Koreans. 

I’m also planning on other handwriting series such as 

  • BTS member’s handwriting reviews.
  • Neat, professional Korean handwriting style compilation.
  • pretty or average, more idol handwriting style compilation.

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