Do BTS Members have Tattoos? Full Information 2021

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Do BTS Members have Tattoos? Detailed Information 2021

Do BTS members have tattoos? 

The answer is YES but not all members do.

Only 2 members, Jungkook and Jimin have tattooed.

Let’s see what kind of tattoos they have, and the meanings behind them!

Also, some members didn’t tattoo for reasons. Let’s hear him out why.

I made this posting as detailed as possible.💛


The beginning

 The very first tattoo withness was back in early September 2019, when BTS had their first long break. Jungkook went back to Busan, his hometown. A K-ARMY recognized him (what a blessing😂) asked for a signature, then sees something like tattoos on his hand, written ‘ARMY’. 

Then on September 16, the break was over and all members gathered in the airport. The first tattoo picture gets taken here. ARMYs argued online about this is, henna, or a real tattoo.

Meaning of the tattoos

  • ARMY: The BTS fandom ARMY 
  • A: V for Taehyung
  • RM: Namjoon
  • MY:  Min Yoongi
  • J: Jin, Jungkook, J-hope
  • JM: Jimin
  • +++: Bonding BTS and ARMY together 
  • Purple heart: Borahae 💜(I purple you)
  • The crown: BTS is the King

Then his tattoos are again spotted on October 9, 2019. On his way to ‘Love’ LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF’ Tour in Saudi Arabia. 

  • And also, a new tattoo revealed, the ARMY logo hidden in sleeves. 

Later, Jungkook’s tattoo artist posts this online. 

This was the first time facing Woozy emoji. (This clear)

  • The woozy emoji : (middle finger) meaning is unknown.
  • Other BTS members have used this emoji too.
  • Some Armys are guessing it’s JK’s eyebrows thing like the Cooky. What do you think?

Do we look a like?

Jungkook’s tattoos explained = 0613

In the Saudi Arabia concert, a new tattoo (0613) was found. And during the Euphoria stage, ARMY spots his wrist tapped under his clothes, wondered if he got more hidden tattoos. 

  • 0613‘ is the date of their debut.

2013.06.13 as in the Korean way of counting dates.

The tapped-arm secret was finally open(half-open) for ARMY in Seoul Final Concert.

However, still hidden under the sleeves.

Let’s see next pictures taken!

As new pictures are taken, Armys are thrilled, shares the information on Twitter. 

  • A Red eye: meaning unknown and more detailed picture needed.
  • The rock and roll skeleton: meaning is unknown but he likes rock music.
  • Make hay while the sun shines‘: meaning unknown.
  • Three stripes:  The first part of the Korean National flag, Taegeukgi. Each of the specific parts has meanings, and what JK has on his arm is called 건 (gun) represents “the East, the Sky, and the Spring”. 
  • ‘RATHER BE DEAD THAN COOL’: His life motto. 

Jungkook’s tattoos on the ‘ON’ MV

In 2020, ‘ON’ official MV, Jungkook’s other tattoo Tiger Lily and letters underneath is spotted.

  • Tiger Lily: The birth flower of his birthday (September 1st). 
  • Please Love Me: under the Tiger Lily /Tiger Flower says “Please love me”  which is the flower language of the tiger lily.    

Pretty like Jungkook. 

Also, on the ‘ON’ MV, a more unseen tattoo was spotted by Armys with keen eyes. 👀👀

And if you look very close up, you’ll notice there IS a different tattoo. (behind the leaves, very unclear)

It is very hard to tell. (I know😂)

Here is another screenshot of the MV.

Korea is a mountainous terrain where tigers used to live.

Less than 100 years ago, tigers were hunted and extinguished by the Japanese when Korea was colonized.

When you look at the drawing of Korea, the land is expressed as a tiger.  Koreans say the map resembles a tiger.

For Koreans, tigers are familiar animals.

Tigers appear as a character in many traditional fairy tales we listen to in childhood.

Tigers represent bravery, fierce, courageous, as tigers are the most dangerous beast (King of the animals) of Korea.

‘ON’ Kinetic Manifesto Film

The Kinetic Manifesto Film of ‘ON’ ARMY spots another new tattoo(inner arm). Whoever first spotted it, must have a CRAZY eyesight.

  • Truth: It’s not easy to read out the letters but ARMY are guessing it says “TRUTH”. Because his K-pop artist friends Mark and Yugyeom have tattoos on the same spot.

Also, Yugyeom got this tattoo…


XCVII= 97 (born in 1997)

Zodiac sign = Year of Ox

This is JK with the same spot. Unclear tattoo.

Can it be something similar to what Yugyeom has? JK is also born 1997 and has the zodiac sign Ox.

(Hmm…I see a box-like shape)

What do you think it is?

Back to the ‘ON’ MV, there is one more tattoo!

  • a Mystery tattoo on the shoulder from the ‘ON’ Kinetic Manifesto Film version of MV.

This was earlier….

This picture was taken earlier when he was having a break in Busan.

But the big one still remains a mystery until today.

Looks like the mystery tattoo from the ‘ON’ MV is part of this. 

As an Army, the letters on his lower, near the elbow are assumed ‘HwaYangYeonHwa’.

HwaYangYeonHwa is a series of Albums and BangTan Universe, which means the most beautiful or happiest time of one’s life. 

[Oct. 1, 2020 Update! ]

[EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) ‘ON’ Kinetic Manifesto Film Shooting Sketch

On the BANGTANTV Youtube channel, this ‘ON’ shooting sketch was uploaded and I was able to see a little different view of JK’s tattoos.  

It’s HYYH as guessed from the Busan picture above. Written in Chinese letters. 花樣年華

And this Mystery tattoo appears again. 

Mindy Unnie can’t tell what this is… Can any of you make a guess? 

2nd Update-

The treble clef tattoo was clearly seen on Good Morning America stage 2020. 😍

So beautiful Jungkook-ah.

[Updated Jan.20, 2021]

Run BTS Episode 125

Very clear shots were taken from this Run BTS episode (thanks to the editors for not censoring)

First, the whole red-eye has finally shown. 

Jungkook has drawn this eye before on camera.

This screenshot is from,

[BANGTAN BOMB] Jung Kook’s Art Class – BTS (방탄소년단)

on Youtube uploaded on May 13, 2020.

In the clip, Jungkook says there is no meaning to his drawing. Makes Armys wonder what is the meaning of the red-eye tattoo.

Let’s see what unseen tattoos are!

He got a Microphone.

Ahh, This mic tattoo is so Jungkook. Showing his passion for music, singing, and his identity.

JK is a ‘Born Singer’.

Who agrees with me? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

And this inner arm, I see a circular something. A mystery tattoo. Again.

June 13, 2021 Update

On stages of 2021 Muster- Sowoozoo

Many of Jungkook’s unclear tattoos got revealed!

# A Watch or ‘My Time’

Armys suspect its meaning is the song ‘My Time’.

Jungkook talks about his lost time, his childhood because he joined BTS at a young age.

My Time performance with English lyrics

# Truth & Zodiac Sign

Armys guessed he got matching tattoos to Yugyeom and it was exactly right!

# New unclear tattoos

Right above the ‘Truth’, there is a newly seen tattoo.

Meaning and the detail is unknown.

Then this ‘Cloud with lightnings’ is out. Meaning is also unknown.

# Danchung

The one on his shoulder is suspected a ‘Danchung’ print, but the flower like tattoo on his elbow is ‘Danchung’ for sure!

Danchung is Korean traditional pattern design painted on buildings like a palace or a temple.

It is drawing of a lotus flower.

Its symmetrical design and color is fascinating.

Many of Jungkook’s tattoos represent Korea, it shows his love of the country.

The Tiger, Three stipes, and now Danchung pattern!

Jungkookah, if you are reading this. Armys are waiting for a tattoo Vlive. 🥺 Hehe 


Now It’s Jimin😆😆😆. He is more cautious with tattoos and don’t have as many. 

Jimin, who said to tattoo a *manggaetteok, surprised ARMY with two big tattoos in MAMA 2014. Later, it was revealed fake, just hennas for stage. Not real tattoos. 

*Manggaetteok is a type of rice cake(mochi). Jimin’s nickname ARMY gave. 

It says ‘NEVERMIND’ on his right side, and the Chinese letters down is ‘Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa’.

Which means the most beautiful or happiest time of one’s life. 

These meant nothing to ARMY in 2014, but these were actually spoilers of their future Albums. Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa Series of Albums started, released April 2015. And Never Mind is a song in the second Album of the series. 

Then years later in 2018, ARMY spots NEVERMIND once again.

And wondered whether these are the same henna or the real deal. Some argued the BTS may be planning on re-performing the 2014 MAMA stage. 

But, more pictures came out and ARMYs concluded it’s the real deal.

Then Jimin kept tattooing. And in 2020 during Vlive, ARMY spots something in his wrist suspects a new tattoo. 

Number 13 has a special meaning to Jimin. 

His birthday :June 13

BTS debut : October 13

February 2020 during ‘ON’ performance, ARMY spots Jimin’s arm was taped to cover up something. Obviously other tattoos. (It remains unknown untill June)

Finally June 2020 on Vlive, during cooking with Jungkook, Jimin’s tattoo gets revealed. 

Do BTS Members have Tattoos? Detailed Information 2020

It’s not very clear in this picture but ARMY figured out it says,


Young Forever is the name of the last series of Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa. As well as the first track of the album. 

And in January 2020 BTS members shoot movies. (You can find it in Weverse) Every member filmed a different movie. And Jimin’s movie’s title was ‘Young Forever: Mono’

And for the last, (as far as ARMY knows) Jimin has the ‘8’ or ‘infinity sign’. 

It might just be henna, we don’t know yet.  Jimin being quite careful with tattoos, some say he first tries with henna and if he likes it, he inks it.


Well, It’s nothing new, but I wanted to share this just the tattoo was out clear and Jiminie is sleeping like an angel. 

This scene is from the ‘In the SOOP episode 6’.

What about other BTS members?

There are rumors of other BTS members also have tattooed, but as of this point, no picture has taken yet. 

Yet, Yoongi probably WON’T tattoo .

How are we sure about it?

This was an interview with Grazia back in 2016.

“Even as a rapper, you don’t have a tattoo.”

Suga answered

” I really wanted to do it when I was young. Then when I turn 20, it went all gone. Recently Pharrell Williams starts erasing tattoos, saying he doesn’t remember why he started. I have something I wish to do later in life. Like charity work, but just in case it can give a bad impression I, restrain myself.”

Instead of tattooing my body,

I needle my attitude.

My flow is like Kama Sutra,

Toying with you on my beat.

It Doesn’t Matter- Suga (Mixtape)

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