In the SOOP 6 What Korean food is that BTS EATIN’?

In the SOOP 6 What Korean food is that BTS EATIN'?

Hi! Mindy unnie is back with another What BTS eat ‘In the SOOP’ episodes!

Members make and eat a variety of Korean food in ‘In the SOOP’ series, which could be a wonder to many of the international fans!

To help understand better, Mindy unnie is going to explain what and how to eat what members are eating in the series!

가자! (Gaja!) = Let’s go!

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In the SOOP 6 Taehyung & JungKook

ITS Series 6 starts with Tae telling JK a difficult time he went through this year 2020. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭  This year was a depressing time for everyone. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

We all wanna give him a big hug… air hug.ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 

Tae made jamon melon again.

Drinks white wine. Jungkook drinks soju. 

Soju is Korean alcohol. It’s colorless, tasteless (some call it subtly sweet), the alcohol content is about 16.8 though it varies by its brand.

In the SOOP 6, JHope & Joonie

j-hope and Namjoon decide to go mountain climbing early the next morning. 

The peak of the mountain. 

 They take the short (but was very steep) route only took about an hour to the top. 

This is just an amazing view. Wish Korea has this beautiful sky all year long.

If you plan to visit Korea, September-October is the best time of the year.  Also if you are fit for hiking, definitely recommend going for a hiking a day. Even Seoul has easy access to the mountains, you can go hiking and back in a day! If you plan the right time, you can enjoy beautiful colored mountains in the fall too.

… back to foods,

Remember gimbap from episode 5?

Gimbap is ham, yellow pickled radish, carrots, fried eggs, spinach, and other ingredients of your choice, rolled in a sheet of dried seaweed (gim) with cooked rice.

Hobi rolled gimbap for this special occasion, hiking with Joonie. Making gimbap is difficult and Hobi did so fine wow. Such a husband material.😍

Yubu chobap?

Yubuchobap (유부초밥) is fry marinated tofu and stuffed with seasoned rice. 

(Mindy unnie’d like to describe) The taste is like fried rice with little bits of pickled juice added in it. After all, it’s a version of sushi, the recipe has vinegar in it.

The most classic picnic Korean food Koreans think of is gimbap.  

Alongside gimbap, yubuchobap is also commonly chosen as a picnic Korean dish. Maybe in top rank 2. 

Comparing to gimbap, youbuchobap is much simple, anyone can make it without difficulty. 

In the SOOP 6, Other members

😴❤️ Lil meow meow is not even fully awake yet but headed to the kitchen. 

Seokjin and Yoongi decided to cook marinated dakgalbi from last night. 

Dakgalbi looks light in color, so it must be soy sauce-based, not too spicy! 

(More detailed explanation is on the previous post about episode 5)

Take a good look at Jin making a ‘ssam’. A perfect example! That’s how you do it. 😁

(‘Ssam’ also explained in previous post- episode 5!)

And there are more interesting foods on the table this morning! 

Jeotgal, 젓갈 Salted sea food.

Jeotgal is not the main dish so it didn’t get noticed well. In episode 5, Taehyung wanted to eat so bring up to the upper house. The two cans in his hands are those. 

Jeotgal: salted seafood Koreans eat as a side dish with rice. 

It’s heavily salted, flavored with seasonings as soy sauce, garlic, ginger, red chili pepper, sesame oil, sugar, and others.  Preserves all year long, and seafood varies from internal organs of fish, meats of fish, squids, clams, shellfish, shrimps, and roe. Pretty much every meat from the sea.

Above all, the most preferred as a side dish is the ‘Ojingeo-jeot’ and the ‘Nakji-jeot’.

  • Ojingeo-jeot = sliced squid jeotgal
  • Nakji-jeot = small octopus jeotgal

Remember the wood carving piece Jin worked on?

Jin said, ‘My goal is to serve Ojingeo-jeot on THIS (wood carved plate) tonight’ ㅋㅋㅋ

He failed and gave up.😂

This is ojingeo-jeot. 

In the SOOP 6, Hobi & Tae's Afternoon

Hobi and Tae didn’t want to spend a nice afternoon in the house, went out for a drive.

Decides to eat a special hamburger!

Look at that precious smiles 😄😄😄

Hoseogie 😄❤️🍔🥤 Hamburger & sprite lover.

This burger is a cafeteria menu on an experiencing farm tour for kids in Chuncheon.  Here is a link to a Korean blog (written in Korean). You can still see the pictures and feel the place.

But their hamburger is still special because you can only find the meat in Korea. 

Because the hamburger patty is ‘Hanwoo‘.

Hanwoo is a Korean native, small cattle breed. Hanwoo is rare and expensive, considered as a delicacy.

The taste is similar to Japanese Wagyu. It makes sense because Japanese Wagyu cattle are actually in the descending line of Korean Hanwoo. When Japan invaded and ruled Korea, they extinguished, plundered many species of Korean native animals. Korean cattle are just one of them. They have taken a breed of Hanwoo and crossbreed, renames Japanese Wagyu to the world. (Wagyu, the word means Japanese cow) 😭

This is a typical Hanwoo today, but Korea used to have 5 different breeds with different colors and distinctive features. 

Enough of sad history!!

Hobi & V so satisfied with Hanwoo hamburgers dances on the street.

This was the song they danced to. Hobi’s choice!

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