In the SOOP 7, The K-food BTS eat EXPLAINED!

In the SOOP 7, The K-food BTS eat EXPLAINED!

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In the SOOP 7 Chimaek! 치맥

Members decided to have Chimaek for dinner! 

Chimaek 치맥 is pairing fried chicken and beer Koreans enjoy. The word 치맥 chimaek is simply shortened letters of chicken and beer. (킨,주= 치맥 )

Koreans enjoy this so much, there are many chain brands of fried chicken and the menus vary. One of the famous MUST EAT K-FOOD MENUs for foreigners. 

However, frying chicken at home is not common here either. Also making fried chicken from scratch is even never thought of. (Opinionated maybe) 

What I wanted to say here was that I was surprised members are super brave about challenging cooking difficult food that can go sideways so easily. 

Members made the fried chicken batter by recipe online.  How our Golden maknae is good at cooking as always?

On the other hand, Jungkook starts to make Yangnyeom sauce.

Yangnyeom 양념 itself means seasoning or marinating. 양념치킨 Yangnyeom chicken is one of the best Korean fried chicken menus. 

Yangnyeom chicken is the yangnyeom sauce coated fried chicken. The sauce is a little spicy but sweet. Everyone falls for it. 

What Jungkook is making is the classic yangnyeom sauce, and there are many awesome chain restaurants with different recipes out here in Korea. 

In the SOOP 7, Hoseogie chicken

Chicken dipped in the batter is now going in to the boiling oil!

When j-hope was asked what the name of this chicken chain brand is, he answers “Hoseogie Nemari Chicken”.(means Hoseogie’s four(4) chicken)

“호석이 네마리 치킨”

And the members crack up. ㅋㅋㅋ

Did you know why?

It was a joke, (obviously) parody of a real chain brand here in Korea called ‘Hosigi Dumari Chicken’. (dumari means two in counting numbers of animals)

2016 호식이두마리치킨 여자친구 CF-A

(2016 Hosigi chicken TV commercial film with GFriend) 

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋSudden dancing.

By the way.... Did you Know?

BTS has chicken CF too! Wish there were subtitles of the CF because the CF writers must be ARMYS they know so well about BTS members😂. 

Oh, and the members are crying in this CF because the chicken is too spicy.  Koreans are MAD about spicy food.🌶🌶🌶

[방탄소년단] 역대 BBQ 광고 모음

Since they have the giant ‘gamasot’ 가마솥 (cauldron), they are using it to cook 10 instant noodles for easy ‘hajang guk’. 

 That specific brand of instant noodles includes a piece of kelp in it, rarely when you are lucky, you get 2 pieces. At this scene, Jin was surprised he got 2 pieces of ‘dashima’ (kelp) in a row.

ㅋㅋㅋ Jin is cute🥰. Take my ‘dashima’ too~

By the way, that instant noodle is ‘Neoguri’. The same noodle to make Jjapaguri with. A.k.a RTA ramen.

‘Neoguri’ the word means raccoon in Korean, but it has nothing to do with a raccoon.

(Koreans use scissors as one of the kitchen tools.  We separate kitchen scissors from other purpose scissors of course.)

Haejang ramen is ready!

(Why not haejang ‘guk’? guk means ‘soup’. Since its a noodle, naturally, the name changed too.)   

In the SOOP 7, Tuna mayo rice

V quietly makes something himself. 

Takes some cooked rice out from the electronic rice maker.

Adds 2 cans of tuna and squeezed a generous amount of mayo on top.

It’s Tuna mayo rice made by V! 

Hobi guesses it’s tuna mayo rice. 

How did he know? Answer is simple.

Many people often pair instant ramen and tuna mayo rice (canned tuna or tuna mayo triangle gimbap too).  Maybe because one serving of instant ramen doesn’t fill you up. Or maybe Koreans are too serious about ‘eating’. I don’t know.

Seems like Koreans have an extra passion for eating delicious food. 

We say “We live to eat(delish food)” as a joke a lot.  When we hang out, we want to decide what to eat first. Even when we plan to travel overseas, searching for the local best restaurants is a priority for Koreans. (Is this the same worldwide? I want to know.)

And for the last.

Watching In the SOOP series, you might think, BTS members are eating instant noodles too many times.

That is exactly right. 

Many Koreans stack up instant noodles home and eat a few times a week. Instant noodles are not a healthy diet, but so addictive you can’t resist it.