In the SOOP 8 – The Korean Things You Missed On Episode 8

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The Korean Things You Missed On ‘In The SOOP 8’

Hello~ This is Mindy unnie. 😁

This post is the last of the In the SOOP series, I feel a little sad I wanted to show more.

Let’s see how they spent the last day and what I have for you to explain today!

In the SOOP 8- Song

The Last Dinner In The SOOP 8

The last night has come.

RM and V are serving members Spaghetti Aglio e olio and Steak for dinner!!

By the way, those two members are known bad cooks.😅

RM is on the spaghetti aglio e olio, and V on the steak.

V and his hairband…I lost words…what a beauty…

If there is anyone worrying about RM using too much garlic, don’t worry!

RM is doing right!  (Or did anyone worry about RM using a kitchen knife…?)

And he can even put MORE garlic in the aglio e olio. That’s what we Koreans are.😂 

You can’t talk about K-food without garlic. The spicy-red pepper isn’t the only soul of Korean food.😉

 RM and V are in fact fine cooks after all.

Despite the many concerns (just from me) they successfully made the last dinner table without failing a dish!

When did they learn to improve their cooking skills? Aahhh, I feel like a proud mama watching sons have grown up.😊

+ Random Ojingeo-jeot

??? In the midst of plating…

I was thinking…what a random ojingeo-jeot out on the dinner table.

Ojingeo-jeot is seasoned-salted squid Koreans eat for ‘banchan’ which means side dish. Usually with rice.

(Ojingeo-jeot explained in post 6. Click link below, read post 6 for more detailed information!)

In the SOOP 6 What Korean food is that BTS EAT?

Then I saw this screenshot close up, figured out!

Some members had rice too. 😂

Jungkook is eating rice and the pile of ‘something orange-ish’ you see in between wine glasses is kimchi.

That was the end of the last dinner In the SOOP. 😭 

I don’t want to let go of this series too fast.

Let’s rewind the time a little, just before the dinner!

Jhope’s ‘We-Gotta-Wake-up-Jungkook’ song

Who else got stuck with the song jhope sung from waking up jk to all-the-way up to the dining table??? 



The original is a well known song.

한예슬(Han YeSeul)- 그댄 달라요 (You are different)

A little surprised?

Han Yeseul- You are different

I think the boys are singing ↓ this version ↓ of the song.

버스커 버스커 Busker Busker – 그댄달라요 (You’re Different)

This version, of course, is a remake of the original. 

Listen from 1:07 ~1:31.

Hobi is infinitely repeating this section of the song. 😁

Here is the original lyrics of the section from Google.

Hobi changed original lyrics to say what he wants to say, and this was so~ cute.

The clip didn’t have a subtitle, so I made the script and translated it.

Hobi: Jungguga-ahhh

jebal jom iro na ra~ (please get up)

Junggugie no mu dalla yo~ (so different)

Iro na ya he yo (You better get up)

Gu den nal jo gu pa ge man du ro jjo (you made me impatient)


Ba bul mo guro ga ya he yo (we gotta go eat dinner)

JK: su te i ku rul no mu mo kko si po jjo (I wanted to eat steak so badly~)

Hobi: Junggugie no mu bbal la yo (Junggugie too fast~)

Hyungie ggae wo jossu myon gachi ga ya he yo (Hyung woke you up, we should go together)

Weh nuh hon ja ga go nali eh yo Jungguga-  (Why are you going yourself, Jungkook-ah-)

Ee bae sin ja ya (You traitor~)

Taehyungie nuh mu dala yo (Taehyungie so different~)
Su tei ju gup nun mo soop u- (grilling steakue …)

“Hyung work you up, we should go together”

“you traitor~”

Hoseoka ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Since Jungkook likes the band BuskerBusker a lot it’s not a surprise the members are humming this song. 

Click the link to read about Jungkook and his BuskerBusker songs in BTS shows. The post opens in a new window.

Jungkook in LOVE with Jang Beom June’s Songs

Korean snacks [In the SOOP]

I see members having Korean chips and old classic goodies in this episode! 

I bet none of you guys have had THIS particular classic goodie from the late 60s Korea.

Any of you recognize this yellow chewy paper-like snack?


쫀드기 (Jjondeugi).

or 쫀디기, 쫀듸기, 쫀득이…

snack 1. 쫀드기 JJONDEUGI

This particular one is what members ate.

Jjondeugi is an old snack that brings back memories of childhood from the K- Baby Boomers to the K- Millennials. 

These ‘old snacks’ were gone for a while but back now called ‘Snacks of Memories’.  The smell of grilled jjondeugi after school, with friends on the way back home.

Oh, You should grill jjondeugi, many enjoys lightly grilled jjondeugi. 

Jiminie chewing jjondeugi. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Jjondeugi is a chewy snack. Actually, the name itself means ‘chewy-thing’ in Korean. 

The main ingredient is flour, starch, and sugar, with other additives, made this cheap junky chewy snack.

The flavors vary, just depends on the brand. Corn, pumpkin, green tea, even bulgogi flavors. The most popular one is the corn flavor I believe.  

snack 2. 꼬깔콘 Ggogal corn /Bugles

Yay, a snack you recognize! 

The pink one is ‘the sweet’ flavor. I haven’t tried so I can’t tell you how it is, but I brought it to show you the texture up close. 

This dark brown-bagged, ‘grilled corn’ flavor is the exact same product!

The LAST lunch ‘In the SOOP 8

The next day, when the members woke up late in the afternoon, the shooting staff has already prepared lunch for BTS members.


Baeksuk (Dak Baeksuk)

Or have you heard of ‘Samgyetang’?

Baeksuk and Samgyetang are different food but they look about the same.

△ DakBacksuk

△ Samgyetang

DakBaeksuk is Korean chicken soup. This will probably taste familiar to many of you. I believe you will have similar food in your culture too!

However, Samgyetang on the other hand might taste different.

Samgyetang as you see in the picture above added extra ingredients to chicken soup, herbal medicines including ginseng. 

In short, Korean chicken soup without herbal medicines (ginseng) is Baeksuk, with herbal medicines (ginseng must be included) is Samgyetang to be exact.

Ginseng got a unique scent that is not easily accepted by people. Be aware, you might not like the taste of Samgyetang for added ginseng and herbal scents if you are going to try it. 

Samgyetang is the food:

An invigorating dish for people in summer. 

It’s enjoyed throughout all year long. But especially known for summer health food. 

 Dakbaeksuk or Samgyetang is easily in instant package form in the Korean marketplace.

Let’s see how it’s made ‘In the SOOP 8’.

The food was introduced as Dakbaeksuk.

This chicken soup got herbal medicine in it so is this Samgyetang? 

Take a look at Jin’s bowl. Koreans like to make any white base soup ‘red’ by adding extra red sauce. 

The red sauce is commonly called ‘다데기 ‘(dadegi). But it’s the wrong name. 양념장(yangnyeomjang) is the correct word. 

These ‘red sauce’ are often placed on the table in the restaurant. Try adding some if you like spicy soup. 

The red sauce looks like the below picture!

‘In The SOOP 8’ The end.

BTS ‘In the SOOP’ series ended with 8 posts. 

As I was once living as a foreigner in many foreign places, I believe I can feel you when you watch BTS contents!

I wish to share more things with you! I also enjoyed writing this post 🙂

-Mindy Unnie with Love

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