In the SOOP 4, Korean food BTS eat EXPLAINED

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What BTS Members eats ' In the SOOP' Ep.4

Hi~ Mindy unnie is here to explain all the Korean food BTS member’s eats in ‘In the SOOP’ episode 4 !!!

Did you have any questions about unfamiliar Korean food members are eating? 

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Before we jump in…

I just have to start with this. 

Didn’t you all stop at this part and had to go back listen several times because Hobi sings so sweet and beautiful? 👂  

oh melted me down 🙈💘  Hoseoka~

BTS In the SOOP episode.4

Tae, from early in the morning, tries to make ‘Nooroongji’.

Soooo~ proud of him.😘

??? Plating already…? ㅠㅠ… oh no… V… It doesn’t look like it’s done yet. 

But V calls it done. ㅠㅠ It is what it is. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ why am I feeling sad and want to go make food for him?

Sweet Jin ❤️ says he made well tho it isn’t. 😅

so, What is 'Nooroogji'?

‘Nooroongji’ is simply scorched BROWN rice. 😅  😅 

It’s the little overcooked bottom layer of rice when Koreans used pots to cook rice.  But since most people use electric rice makers at home, it doesn’t happen naturally anymore.

Nowadays  Koreans purposely make nooroongji to eat. 

Nooroongji can become a snack. Some people like it as it is, some people sprinkle sugar on top of nooroongji for extra sweetness. (as V did)

Or nooroongji becomes a meal. Like porridge, boil nooroongji with water.  When Hobi heard V is making nooroongji, Hobi thought of this version of food.

(In previous episode, do you remember when BTS members made Kimchi bokkeumbap and made the bottom part little crunchy? Members scrapes the pan at the end of the meal to get the crunchy part of the bokkeumbap, calls it ‘the fun of bokkeumbap or beauty of bokkeumbap’.  It is the similar concept to nooroongji!)

This is how a nooroongji (should) look like.

and this is the nooroongji Jhope thought of. The boiled, porridge version.

Taetae is sweet he wanted to make something for the members 💖

He remembers what his mother used to make him but couldn’t manage to perform it himself but only 30% of it he says. How cute~

Now for lunch, hyungs are discussing what to eat. (Always the hyungs to feed the boys)

Yoongi and Hoseok decided to eat Barbequed Ribs. 

Jin is making one of his favorite food ‘Mool Hwae’.

[In the SOOP] Chef Yoongi

Shall we take a quick look at Yoongi’s barbeque ribs and move on?

  1. Defrost frozen ribs. 

2. Spread sauce all over the ribs. 

3. Grill. 

(Lil meow meow is scared at sudden noise! That’s bad on the grill!  😤😤 Cutie Cutie Min Suga)

At the same time, ‘dongsaeng-deul’ (little brothers) are making some other food in lower building themselves.

Taehyung cuts up melon to make Jamon melon. 

Jungkookie grills sausages. 

[In the SOOP] Jin time!

Jin is going to disassemble these poor guys and make mool hwae.

Name of the poor fish is 우럭 Rockfish. One of the common kind Koreans eat alot.

Jin disparts fish and V assists.  

Koreans usually keep the remains of the fish (except the guts) to make ‘maewoon tang’ (spicy fish soup) but members didn’t. 

The white thing on cutting board is the raw fish, and Jin made Mool Hwae!

Looks amazingly yummy.

So, Let's talk little more about 'Mool Hwae'

It’s written 물회 in Korean. Probably quite difficult to pronounce for non-Korean speakers. Proper pronunciation is [moo-l, ho-eh] but when read together as a word, it’s closer to [moolheh] or[mooreh]. (I’m no profession just a native Korean trying to be a help😅 please don’t take it seriously, I can be wrong)

Mool = 물 water 

Hwae =  회 raw fish

Moolhwae is a cold dish.  In a way, it’s like a Korean way of making ‘Hwae salad’.  Raw fish, veggies, spicy sauce, and other seafood are the main ingredients. 

Often it becomes a nice side menu for soju.  Koreans call these side menus just for alcohols ‘안주’ (anju)

[In the SOOP] It's time to eat~

Members gather around the table each brings the food they made.

food in order from left to right →

  •  (red thing) moolhwae sauce
  •  moolhwae
  • Jungkook’s sausage
  • barbeque ribs
  • V’s nooroongji
  • cheese
  • V’s Jamon melon
  • moolhwae (same)
  • barbeque ribs(same)

V decorates his works ㅋㅋㅋ adorable🥰

Jin pours sauce to Moolhwae he made 😆

Taehyungi made 2 dishes on this table!! So proud of him!!!👍😄😄😄


[In the SOOP] The last menu

Members had a light meal before they go back Seoul for the schedule. 

Dinner is Jjapaguri (again…???)

But this time it is a cup noodle, in one product.

Members simply grill beef and boil hot water to eat cup noodles. 

Jin🌟 world WIDE-shoulder. wow.

 💜bunny dimples

and our 🐿 hoseogie 💜

Did you notice the uncensored cup noodles? 😂

You probably missed it because you were looking at elsewhere😙 so did I

Definitely, the cup noodle is a PPL (product placement advertisement) as we Koreans always call it as a ‘ppl’. But I’ll introduce you anyways.

‘Angry’ Chapaguri cup noodles for a spicy version.  

and Regular Chapaguri cup noodles.