In the SOOP 5 “What is the K- food: Dakgalbi &more”

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Hi! Mindy unnie is back with ‘Korean food you wondered’ series In the SOOP episode 5!

Did you finish watching the episode 5?  I’m in love with every episodes. 

Let’s go!

😘쩨홉 J-hope💋

In the SOOP Korean food BTS eats

On the way back to Chuncheon, members eat ‘Gimbap’ & egg salad sandwich Taehyung’s mother made.

(Well, to be specific, I’m guessing it’s egg salad sandwich by its looks.) 

‘Gimbap’ is quite well known Korean food now.  Many of you are probably familiar with it. 

Gim= 김 seaweed 

bap= 밥 rice

Gimbap is a Korean food where ingredients are wrapped in rice&seaweed.  

The inner ingredients can be any food you like. A recent trend is to not use rice and make keto-gimbap or make salad gimbap. Interesting, isn’t it?

Back to the classic gimbap,

Gimbap is the typical menu Koreans think of when making a lunch box.

Hmmm, because it’s an easy mobile? Maybe.

It’s also not suitable for a daily menu.  But when Koreans make a short trip, a nice day out, or go hiking, we like to make gimbap for lunch.  

These are all special events related. 

However, Koreans won’t make gimbap themselves unless for a very special occasion.  Because it is quite A LOT of work.

Most people will just buy gimbap from ‘gimbap restaurants’, gimbap is considered an easy-buy meal too.

Back to [In the SOOP]

Now the members have gimbap and sandwich in hand, they got the short trip vibe~ 

The weather looks amazing too!

[In the SOOP] Korean food: Dakgalbi

The lunch menu is ‘Dakgalbi’. You might be familiar with ‘Galbi’ if you have tried Korean bbq!  

What about ‘Dak-galbi’? Let’s see what dakgalbi is in detail shortly, but first, watch how members had it.😄

The chef today is also Suga💜

After arrival, members are preparing for lunch, Jimin is assisting this time. 🤭 

Suga grills marinated dakgalbi (omg I’m drooling). 

He’s done the grilling too many times he looks so relaxed and does it easy now. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

And Ta-da! 

This! Is the perfectly finished dakgalbi by chef Yoongi. That could be sold at a restaurant, seriously. 

Everyone, let’s marry a guy who will cook for you, like Yoongi & Seokjin

Anyways, so is this food ‘Dakgalbi’ new to you? then I have a brief explanation for you! 

[Korean food explained] Dak galbi

Dakgalbi 닭갈비 is originated from Chunchun, where BTS members are filming ‘In the SOOP’. Thus it’s also called Chunchun-dakgalbi in Korea.

Dakgalbi is chicken(=dak, 닭) marinated in gochujang sauce.

Then later fried(grilled) with cabbage, onion, carrots, spring onion, rice cake, sweet potatoes, and others.

If you visit Korea, I’d suggest you try this dakgalbi. This will be tasty & fun!

In the ‘In the SOOP’ episode, they grilled and had the dish as a meal, but at a restaurant in Korea, it is different. There is a large round metal grill on the table and your server will grill your dakgalbi for you.

When it’s done cooking, you eat dakgalbi with vegetables (wrapped), with salad, cheese, whichever way you’d like.

The fun part comes at the end. By the time when you think you are done, you order bokkeumbap ( fried rice) and your server comes to make bokkeumbap with your leftover dakgalbi!

Everyone is full of the stomach but doesn’t want to miss out on this last part.

This is what Koreans like to do when we eat out. It’s silly but everyone does it.

(Korean TV show program inviting friends from Spain& India eating Dakgalbi together!) only Spanish subs available ㅠㅠㅠ

By the way, Dakgalbi is SPICY food. From the redness in the pictures above you probably figured it out I think.

However, there are restaurants available where you can choose the level of spiciness of dakgalbi.  You will need some research, but will be worth it❣️

Back to In the SOOP-

Jin made ‘Naengmyeon’ to eat with dakgalbi. 

Naengmyeon is sweet and little sour cold noodles.

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ( do you know what ‘ㅋㅋㅋ’ is? = lol)

Maknae showing talent show in front of hyungs, smashing frozen naengmyeon broth with the elbow. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

JK has been working out for this moment right? 

Jiminie prepares fresh veggies to eat with dakgalbi.

So the naengmyeon is now ready!

The cold broth is poured with some slush like ice still frozen as it is because it is a COLD noodle! Red sauce on top is optional. Obviously members like food a little spicier. 

[Korean food explained] Naengmyeon

How do you think about cold noodles?

Doenjang guk 된장국 is a classic Korean food. 

One of the foods you can find at an ordinary Korean dinner table is this doenjang guk.

It’s based on soybean paste (doenjang) made into a soup with other ingredients such as vegetables, mushrooms, meat, or seafood. 

Similar but made thicker, is ‘doenjang jjigae’.  Do you remember Budae jjigae from episode 2? The Army base soup with lots of hams& sausages?

‘-Jjigae’ is soup, but thick, strong, and deep in taste. 

On the other hand, ‘-guk’ is also soup, but milder, thinner, and lighter in general.

Doenjangguk and Japanese miso soup are similar but different. But if you know what miso soup is, doenjangguk is similar in taste.

Members are finally having dinner, Doenjang guk &sushi.

Guess they didn’t have enough bowls, used cups to drink doenjang guk. ㅋㅋ 

Jungkook crying from too much wasabi 🤣🤣🤣

Extra inFo-You

The cookie box in between JK and Jin is called ‘Grace’ from Korean brand Crown. 

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