Introduction to BTS 101. Get to Know BTS in Person (Updated 2021)

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Get To Know BTS Members In Person!


김남준 (Kim Namjoon)

Born: September 12, 1994 

Role in BTS: The leader. Main rapper. Songwriter. Producer. Sexy brain. Speaks multi-languages. Dimples. 

  • Represented ‘🐨‘ emoji by armys.
  • His mixtapes are open-free in Soundcloud!
  • Speaks English fluently. And he taught himself English by watching the TV series ‘Friends’. (But well, he studied English all his life throughout his school years and he says he went to over 20 private English institutes too. By the way, this is quite common for a Korean. No surprise.
  • He was the first recruited member of BTS.
  • He is not the oldest but he takes good care of the members.
  • Young RM dreamed to be a poet or a writer.
  • has an IQ of 148.
  • He also has a taste in Korean art paintings. Armys find him visiting different art galleries on his Twitter. He owns Korean paintings at home too.
  • He reads a lot and in different genres. Armys follow the RM reading list too. 
  • He has a good sense of fashion. He mentioned in Vlive, clothes matter to him and it is a way to express oneself. He used to post his daily outlook on Twitter as #kimdaily but not anymore.
  • He is an outstanding speaker. 
  • RM has a meme series made by K-armys called ‘김남준 회원님’series. Check it out in the link here. 
  • He is a Mint Chocolate chip flavor hater.
  • RM told this story once when he was on a harsh diet before their debut. RM and V sneaked out to eat an ice cream bar. On the way back, while happily eating the ice cream bar, they saw a Big Hit car driving towards them. They hid the ice cream in their pants pocket. And.. ate it when the car drove away.
  • He cried at home so upset because of the canceled concert, he can’t present all the things he prepared for armys.
  • ‘Rkive’ is the name of his studio where he makes his music. Rkive is filled with luxury furniture, music equipment, books, and collective figures.
  • RM grows bonsai trees as a hobby. They are apricot flower tree (Apricot Baby), juniper tree (Jjin Jjin), cherry blossom tree (Cherry), maple tree (Ori). He also grows a succulent called (Dayugi). 
  • Members find RM for help when they write lyrics. Many BTS songs are written or helped by RM except for Suga’s songs.
  • Before his debut, he rapped in the name ‘Runch Randa’. 
  • His other hobbies are riding a bicycle and go to parks read books. He said he has been to almost every park in Seoul. 

RM (represents BTS) made UN Speech about love yourself.

BTS speech at the United Nations | UNICEF


김석진 (Kim Seokjin)

Born: December 04, 1992 

Role in BTS: Sub vocalist, Visual. 

  • Represented ‘🐹‘ emoji by armys. 
  • The oldest
  • He likes to cook. Chef of the team. Often makes food for members. 
  • Calls himself ‘worldwide handsome’.
  • Known for the broad shoulder. His tops are big sized because of his broad shoulder. Stylists sometimes need to fix clothes to fit his shoulder. 
  • When BTS showed up at the Billboard Music Awards thanks to his gorgeous looks Jin went viral online as ‘Who is the third guy from the left?’
  • Wanted to become an actor but now he is a k-pop singer.
  • He was a bad dancer (also cuz other members are just another level). RM and Jin are often placed at the very end because they are the least great dancers in the team and fans find it cute and funny, calls them the ‘Side Wings’. 
  • Makes dad jokes all the time, annoys members but he doesn’t give up.
  • Likes color pink
  • Likes to go fishing but he is not good at it.
  • Jin got a casting offer on the street by SM entertainment (one of the 3 big agencies of the time) but thought it was a fraud didn’t answer it. 
  • Jin(freshmen, University student) and Jk (sophomore Jr highschool) came into Big Hit at the same time. When JK had a hard time homesick, Jin invited JK to his home for family dinner to comfort him.  Jin also drove JK to school like a brother. 
  • loves to eat. Eats a lot of food, yet blessed he is skinny by nature. Has his Vlive mukbang show ‘Eat Jin’ for years.
  • big fan of  ‘RJ’.
  • RJ is an alpaca character Jin created. 


민윤기 (Min Yoongi)

Born: March 9, 1993

Role in BTS: Rapper, songwriter, composer, producer

  • Represented ‘🐱‘ emoji by armys.
  • Genius-(said himself). Made numerous songs.
  • His smile is sweet and he is light-skinned, BigHit CEO suggested the name ‘Suga’ to him.
  • His mixtapes are also found on SoundCloud. Click to check them out!
  • personality described as badass, sarcastic, realistic, and also thoughtful, warm-hearted, sweet.
  • usually lethargic and sleeps a lot (up at night makes music)
  • members call him ‘grandpa’, he is cranky and sleeps all the time.
  • BTS was originally designed to be a hip-hop group when Suga decided to join.
  • Before his debut, he attended high school in the daytime, went to practice afternoon. And at night he had to go make money because he couldn’t afford tuition. One day, he got in a motorcycle accident while working and broke his shoulder, had no choice to notice BigHit he couldn’t join the practice. He almost gave up being a trainee in BigHit Ent. BigHit didn’t know about his situation, was in a big surprise. Paid all his tuition and school expense, also waited for his recovery.  
  • Producer Bang Si-hyuk, the BigHit CEO, tricked Suga with sweet words to join the group.  BTS won’t perform powerful, complex choreography, but only will have simple, easy moves.  Suga later finds out it was a lie. lol (BTS is known for the most complex and difficult choreography)
  • His rapper name is Agust D. Means reversed letters D Town Suga. He was in an underground Hip hop crew ‘D Town’ before his debut.
  • Suga had Social phobia before his debut. When was performing underground, he was afraid of crowd hid in public bathrooms, he once performed in front of only two people.
  • If he reincarnates, he wishes to be a stone and not have to do a thing.
  • After bleaching his hair numerous times, Suga says, he is going to sue BigHit Ent, if he becomes bald. (supposedly a joke but…?)
  • About his mixtape, members said, ” it’s too strong strong strong strong”
  • He doesn’t read comments on the internet article. He says “Write more hate comment you like,  I’m not reading it anyway, the company is going to sue you for it. A happy picture for everyone, isn’t it?” 
  • Suga picks the must-have item when touring overseas, soju. 
  • Suga is a baseball fan too. He likes to watch baseball games. He once attended Dodger Stadium to watch the LA Dodgers game during tour and met pitcher Ryu Hyun Jin (had a 9-0 victory that day).  He is Samsung Lions fan in Korea.  
  • Has no food he can’t eat. He is also a great cook.

And Suga, he is also...

  • Suga is known to be VERY sweet to his fans. There are many testimonies online about Yoongi’s fan meeting episodes that melt ARMY’s hearts.
  • Suga is not a quiet, not a talkative scary person at all. Rather, he is an attention seeker.  One of his nickname is (민애옹) ‘Lil meow meow’, fans say he is like a kitty. 
  • Members already knew about this. ▲ prooves. 
  • Members likes to tease him. 


정호석 (Jung Hoseok)

Born: February 18,1994

Role in BTS: Sub rapper, main dancer.

  • Represented ‘🐿‘ emoji by armys.
  • also called Hobi.
  • He calls himself ‘Plan-man’. He likes to plan his day, feels thrilled and happy when he completes perfectly as he scheduled. Also, he is the punctual one in the team, the first one to show up when they are having a schedule.
  • Dance master, members call him the ‘dance captain'(not a real title), for he helps members with choreographs in practices and also in rehearsals before a stage. He participates in choreographs too. 
  • He was a trainee of JYP Entertainment for a short period.
  • Streams his dancing videos for fans on ‘Hope On The Street’
  • Teaches members dance moves too
  • He was famous for dancing before his debut and those who knew him called BTS the Hoseok’s team.
  • He is also known to be a very stern dance teacher to members. Even more strict for details. 
  • his favorite color is Green but his microphone is RED.
  • Known for his bright personality and smile. He makes everyone laugh.  He is ‘Sunshine’.
  • He hates workout.
  • RM and other members say J-Hope is the other leader of this group and without him, this group won’t sustain.  
  • J-hope once decided to leave the company (before debut) but all members persuaded him to stay, especially RM. Also, Jungkook caught him not to go crying. J-hope came back later.
  • He makes the biggest reaction/noise in the team.
  • Members say J-hope is the best dresser in the group.
  • The weakest in drinking alcohol in the team. He turns red with a can of beer. 
  • The ideal type of girl is someone who is excellent at cooking and reads lots of books.
  • The only member who hasn’t pierced. When he is wearing earrings, it’s not a piercing.
  • His room is the neatest, cleanest of the team. 
  • Members leave J-hope’s room with the lights on or make it messy when they want to tease him.
  • He left a message to 7 years after himself in “I hope you will continue to love yourself” in MTV Fresh Out.
  • J-hope has an older sister (noona) in his family, she is a known influencer Jung Jiwoo. She is a fashion brand business owner.
  • J-hope wrote the song ‘MAMA’  about his love for his mother who worked extra hours to support his dream.


박지민 (Park Jimin)

Born: October 13, 1995

Role in BTS: Lead vocalist, main dancer

  • 🐥’emoji (his plump lips look like beaks from the side). 
  • Amazing dancer & heavenly vocalist 
  • Have numerous lovely nicknames. ‘Mochi’ is just one of them.
  • He auditioned to get accepted to Busan High school of Arts and 1st placed (very talented and had a high expectation in contemporary dance). When he chose to become a K-pop singer his teachers were very disappointed to lose him. 
  • He is the last member who joined BTS
  • Many testified he practiced the hardest of every trainee.
  • Jimin was 18 when he debuted. 
  • Charismatic sexy beast on stage but smiling baby mochi off stage.
  • Has a cute-small hand. And short pinky often gets compared at Fan-meet ups.
  • BTS members picked him 1st place as ‘the member whom I would introduce to own sister’
  • Likes accessories. Especially rings, he likes to feel the weight while he is dancing.
  • Jin says he is not very strong in power, but very powerful when dancing.
  • Likes spicy -very spicy- food. But he suffers from its spiciness after.
  • BTS members start celebrating members’ birthdays because of Jimin. No members gave out presents and opened parties before but Jimin started the tradition.

This is also Jimin...

  • Jimin had these abs showing routine in their debut song ‘No More Dream’. This was when he was only 18!!!
  • When filming ‘Danger’ MV he had a scene cutting his hair,  he accidentally cut his own hair with the wig.
  • His MBTI is ENFP.
  • He has the biggest hand in the group. Also really pretty.
  • Has cholinergic allergy.
  • He loves babies.
  • His two dog’s names are Soonshim and Yeontan.
  • He once said he’d name his son ‘Kim Chi is delicious’. (Run BTS episode 27)
  • He likes to play games sometimes plays with armys online. 
  • 🐻 teddy bear/stuffed bear – is him. Attack power ‘0’, Defense power ‘0’. Harmless Teddy bear itself. Also when he was young, his parents called him a ‘곰돌이’ (stuffed bear) as a nickname.
  • 🐯 tiger- He adds this emoji to his Vlives and armys now also express Taehyung with this tiger emoji.
  • He doesn’t like beans & tofu.
  • He can fake chewing gum really well. 
  • Blows whistles well.
  • He wrote Winter Bear, Scenery, 4 o’clock.  
  • He likes amusement park rides.
  • He and JK never had a big argument.
  • When he was young, he called his crush to tell his feelings but she didn’t answer he gave up.
  • He has two moles on his right arm, calls elephant.

V, also Vante

  • He is a talented photographer. He posts his photo works online under the name ‘Vante’.  Vante is his other name which is his name V, his favorite photographer Ante Badzim, and artist Van Gogh all together.  ▼Vante▼
  • JK’s mother had 2 dreams when she had him. The first one was rain, turning into GOLD where ever it drops and touches. The second was she saw SEVEN baby black pigs suckling a BIG black mama pig. Sounds familiar to anyone?
  • JK has a scar on his cheek from his childhood, fighting over a computer game with his brother.
  • He guesses 2 or 4 when he doesn’t know the answer on an exam.
  • Jk once fought with J-hope over a fan’s gifted bananas. It was his ‘first fan gift’ -a fruit basket. When he sees hyungs eat up all the fruits (they share food all the time), he was upset he couldn’t help himself to say “Hyung, that’s my bananas”. J-hope threw the bananas at Jungkook. lol
  • Jungkook can eat. He is the one eating all the time. 
  • Jungkook was very shy when he first started training in BigHit. He showered when everyone was asleep. 

Jungkook then, Jungkook now



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