Jang Beom June ‘Karaoke’ EASY Lyrics & English Translation

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Jang Beom June ‘Karaoke’ Lyrics EASY Romanized


Na nun sara ni oto ke iro
ji nun ji yon gu he chi

Yo ro ga ji sang wang e
su rul gye san he ba chi

Gu ten ne ga jon mo
sen gyo so hut hut

Ni ga jo a ha nun no rel
a ra ne nun go sun pil su

Ga son i ma ni du ro
ga so ma i ku jo jo ri

Gen jan i jo sin su ro wo so ji

Gu ro ke no re ban u ro ga
so gu nyo ga jo a ha nun no re re

Mu si man chok jun bi a nan
chok no rel bul-ot ne uh uh

Gu ro ke ne ga no rel bu run di
gu nyo e ba nu nul sang sa na go

Jon do jal bul lo bol kol
no re rung ol go rot ne


Sa ran te mu ne no rel yon
su pa nun gon ja yo ne i chi

Na ru nun se dul do mo du
sa rang no re bu ru nun ge

Mon ga ga nu sung man
yo ro jun da mon

Gun de gu non nan ja chin gu ga
i so chi gu go sun ne sil su

Gu hu ro hon ja no re ban e so
bo cha pan ma mul dal ret ne

Mot da rul hon ja
no re ban e gat nun ji

Gu ro ke no re ban i chi mi ga de
go gu nyo ga jo a ha nun no re re

Gen cha nun cho an sul pun cho
no re bu lon ne uh uh

Gu ro ke ne ga no rel bu run di
u yo ni ji be ga ro ha nun de

Ga cha gi gu nyo ga
no re ba ne ga ja ha ne


Gu ro ke na nun gu nyo
rul ta ra go ro bo ji man

Gen cha nun choc sa sil
na no mu ma ni thol o yo

Gu nyo a mu ro chi a na do
na nun a mu ro chi an chi a na yo

Gun de gu nyo nun na rul
ba ra bo go nun ja gi do ji
gum a mu ro chi an chi an te yo

Mu sun ma ri nya go mu ro bo ne

Gu ro ke no re ban ul na
o go gu nyo rul ji be de ro da jun di

Mu sun i rin ga gen cha nun
gon ga mon he bo ron ne uh uh

Hen du pon do un nun nu jun
se bok ji be so ge sok ja mun a no go

Gu nyo ga jo a ha don
no re rung ol go rut ne

Gu nyo ga jo a ha don
no re rung ol go rut ne

Jang Beom June ‘Karaoke’ Lyrics in English


I studied how love works
Calculated different scenarios
cuz back then, I was a little ugly
Finding out the song you like is a must-do
There’s a lot in falsetto in the microphone
I was very careful controlling it
So we go to the Karaoke
Chose the song she likes
Pretending to be indifferent, unprepared
I sang the song
After I sang the song
I pictured her reaction
I should’ve sung better, I was humming


Because of love
Practicing singing for love is the order of nature
All flying birds
singing love songs
If only a possibility was open for me
But she had a boyfriend
That’s my mistake
Since then, I comforted my complicated minds at Karaoke alone.
Don’t know how many months I’ve been to Karaoke alone
That’s how Karaoke became my hobby
Sing the song she likes
I sang a song pretending I was alright, I wasn’t’ sad
After I sang songs
I happened to be going home
All of a sudden she says ‘Let’s go to Karaoke’


So I was walking with her
Pretending to be alright, but actually, I’m trembling a lot
She is indifferent but
I’m can’t be indifferent.
Then she looked at me
Says, she is not indifferent as well.
I asked what that means
That’s how we came out of the Karaoke
After I took her home
What just happened, are we all right?
My mind turned black
Late at dawn even without a cellphone
I was home, couldn’t fall asleep
I hummed the song she likes
I hummed the song she likes