Jungkook in LOVE with Jang Beom June’s Songs

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BTS Jungkook likes to sing Jang Beom June's songs.

Jungkook has been singing many of Jang Beom June’s songs in different BTS shows. (and also songs of Jang Beom June’s Band – Busker Busker songs!)

Jungkookie’s affection towards Jang Beom June’s song is true and here is the compilation of Jungkook singing Jang Beom June songs. 

Short introduction of Jang Beom June

Busker Busker members and JangBeomJune in the middle!

장범준 Jang Beom Joon and his band 버스커 버스커 Busker Busker is a well-known artist in South Korea. Debuted in 2011 from the audition program, “Super Star K 3”.

Jang Beom June is a vocalist and also the songwriter of the band. His unique voice and style gave them immediate success.

Sadly the band didn’t last long and Jang Beom June became a solo artist.

But he still releases songs and stays top of the charts.

1. Jang Beom June- 노래방에서 (Karaoke)

(Run BTS Ep. 116)

Everyone is doing their own things while Jungkook is singing🤣 

Looks like a BTS Daycare 😚 

Here is Jang BeomJune singing ‘Karaoke’ live. 

This song came out quite recently (in 2019).

People say, his lyrics are unique and gives you memories of an ex-girlfriend/love that didn’t even exist.😅

 2. Jang Beom June- 사랑에 빠져요 (Falling in Love Immidieately)

On BonVoyage, JungKook sings this. This is so cute. He changed lyrics. 

Original Lyric:

사랑에 빠져요~ 어차피 사랑에 빠지겠죠 난

Falling in love~ I’ll be falling in love anyway

영원한~ 사랑은~ 아직은 모르겠죠 난~사랑해 버려요

Eternal~ love~ I don’t know, yet~ I get to fell in love~

Jungkookie version:

JK: 감성에 빠져요~ 호비의 감성에 빠지겠죠 난~ 

     falling in vibes~ I’m falling in Hobi’s vibes~

((Hobi: 네비어떡해? 네비 안찍고 가도 돼?

           How do I set up this navigation? Can we go without it?))

JK: 네비는~ 몰라요~ 네비는 나도 몰라요~ 네비에 빠져요

      IDK~ navigation~ IDK~ about navigaion~ falling in navigation~

3&4. (Busker Busker) - (Yeosu Night Sea) & (Cherry Blossom Ending)

The original lyric is ‘Yeosu night sea'(very emotional song) however, our dorks are heading Chuncheon where ‘Dakgalbi’ (food) is famous. therefore, of course, the lyrics got some alteration. 

JK: 춘천~


Jin: …닭갈비~ 그 향기에 취해 ~ 나는 아주~

      …Dakgalbi~ captivated by the aroma~ I became very~

JK: 춘천닭갈비~ 

     ChunCheon Dakgalbi~

Jin: 맛있어~~어어어~

      It’s delicious~~  uh uh uh~

Obviously, the original lyrics has nothing to do with ChunCheon-dakgalbi. 

Members made & ate dakgalbi in ‘In the SOOP’ episode 5.

Click the button below for explanations about dak galbi. 

It goes to the post 

[In the SOOP ep.5 “What is the Korean food BTS EAT”]

in a new page.

Here is the Busker Busker - Yeosu Night Sea MV. 

여수밤바다 (Yeosu Night Sea) the ‘Yeosu’is name of a place in South Korea. It’s at the south end of the land where meets the sea.

Before this song, Yeosu wasn’t a tourist site.

As this song got famous, people started to visit Yeosu because the song gave such a good impression.

Now people regularly visit and Yeosu is becoming a tour site.

However, in the early days, people who visited Yeosu didn’t really have a good experience there. They expected a certain mood from the song, complained Yeosu’s night sea got nothing close to it, rather it was unclean and smelly. 😅

Guess Yeosu has changed by now since many people visit Yeosu for the night sea.

Here is another 여수밤바다 (Yeosu Night Sea) by Jeon Jungkook. 

Following is 벚꽃 엔딩 (Cherry Blossom Ending).

여수밤바다 (Yeosu Night Sea) plays from 0:40~

벚꽃 엔딩 (Cherry Blossom Ending) 1:11

Did you crack up where the members crack up at Jk fake playing guitar? 🤣ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I did 🤣🤣🤣

+ J-Hope & JK - Cherry Blossom Ending

This is another ‘Cherry Blossom Ending’ sung by Jungkook and J-hope together!

By the way, hobi’s singing voice 💛 is just …(speechless)😍😍😍❤

Cherry Blossom Ending is the most well-known song of Busker Busker. It was also their debut song in 2012, released right at the time of the season of cherry blossom festival.

This song loved so much every year since 2012, when the season comes back, the song comes back on the music chart also!

So, ‘Cherry Blossom Ending’ got a nickname of ‘Cherry Blossom Zombie’ & ‘Cherry Blossom Annuity’. For being undead come back each year and will receive a good sum of money yearly.

This is true. Even with the pandemic this year 2020, Cherry Blossom Ending came back on the chart as always.

5. 장범준- 흔들리는 꽃들속에서 네 샴푸향이 느껴진거야 Jang Beom June- Your Shampoo Scent in the Flowers

This is from BonVoyage 4.

JK only sings one part of the song and it’s already so good. ☺

Did you think the title is too long? This title ‘Your Shampoo Scent in the Flowers’ in Korean is even longer, ‘ I scented your shampoo in the waving flock of flowers’😂 

This song is an OST of the drama series ‘Be Melodramatic’ in 2019.

Drama’s rating wasn’t successful but this song charted to number 1. Also, this drama has numerous fans online, even asking for season 2.

It is funny, the OST is more famous than the drama, many got curious and says OST made them want to watch the drama.

6. Busker Busker- 막걸리나 (Makgeolli-na)

Jk :Do you know makgeolli?


막걸리 (makgeolli): Korean traditional rice alcohol. 

If you have seen the ‘In the SOOP’ series, members had makgeolli in episode 3.

Click the button below for explanations about makgeolli! 

It goes to the post 

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in a new page.

(Song plays from 1:40)

This song is not written by Jang Beom June.

‘Makgeolli-na’ was one of the challenge song of the audition program ‘Super Star K 3’. 

7. Busker Busker- 그댈 마주한 건 힘들어 (It's Hard to Face You)

Jungkookie still got the babyface left on him here.  😚

Him singing in the 노래방 (Noraebang) alone makes him look like just another guy on the street. (but very good looking)

If you haven’t experienced noraebang(karaoke) yet, you are missing a lot. Korean noraebang got all the pop songs you can sing! It’s paid by hours or per song. Highly recommended!!!! (Sing BTS songs!!!)

This song is one of the tracks from Busker Busker’s 1.5 album.

8. Busker Busker- I belive

It’s upsetting but this song and only this song got no video attached here. 💔

starts 2:04

This was Busker Busker’s final top 2 stage on the Super Star K 3, but they lost and got 2nd place.

Busker Busker- ‘I believe’ is a rewrote version of Lee SooYoung- I believe (1999). 

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