K-Armys Nickname [ BTS J-Hope ] in Ways You Couldn’t Have Imagined 1

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K-Armys nickname J-Hope



j-hope’s most called nickname is ‘Hobi’. 

You might have noticed, Koreans add an extra “ie” or “ah” at the end of one’s name when we call names informally.

“Hobi” is just a natural form of “Hope” +”ie”. (홉+이)

This rule also applies to other members.

  • Namjoon to Joonie,
  • Jungkook to Jungkookie/Kookie
  • … 

K-Armys nickname J-Hope

2. 홉 (Hope)

홉[hob]: hope

Yup. As it is, 홉 is “hope’ written in Korean as how it sounds.

홉 is also often used. 

It’s great it only takes one letter. 

Don’t you like it??

K-Armys nickname J-Hope

3. Jjehope 쩨홉/ Jjwehope 쮀홉



Strong (?) pronunciation of the name j-hope.

When SUGA and Jungkook call him, 쩨홉 or 쮀홉 is often used in the subtitle.

Yes, these nicknames even appear in the informal BTS contents, like Run BTS.

K-Armys nickname J-Hope

4. Jung TeamManager

정팀장 [jung-tim-jang]: Jung team manager (chief manager)

안무팀장[an-moo-tim-jang]: Choreo team manager (chief manager)

Hobi was a teacher and the stage manager of the performances. 

(As of now, members are all professionals, Hobi says, he doesn’t feel the need to direct members anymore)

It was not a real given job & a title.

But he naturally became the leader of the performance, members called him “Jung team manager”

Hobi is also the member, every member picked as the best dancer in the group. 

K-Armys nickname J-Hope


다람쥐 [da-ram-jui]: squirrel

다람지[da-ram-ji]: squirrel (spelled wrong but this looks cuter)


Cute cheeks with dimples remind of cute squirrels K-Armys gave him the nickname.

You are probably familiar with this if you are familiar with the emojis that represent the members.

After RM tweets a real squirrel picture on the Twitter comments “j-hope”, 🐿 became officially j-hope. 

I think, he is 🐿the most when he is eating something. 

K-Armys nickname J-Hope

6. Hodogie 호도기


Hodogie is probably the baby pronounced name of Hoseokie.(Hoseok+ie) 

However, this is only unnie’s theory, unnie spent a good time searching the web about its origin, could not find it.

K-Armys nickname J-Hope

7.Jung Sweet Heart

정다정[jung-da-jung]:Jung warm-hearted, Jung sweet heart

*다정[dajung] means kind, sweet-hearted, warm-hearted, friendly…

Do you know the story behind of this picture? 

The year 2015 and 2016 were the darkest years of BTS, and so was for the fandom Armys. 

The haters brutally bit BTS day and night on Twitter with hashtags the ways you won’t be able to imagine.

Armys and members went through a horrible time, lots of dark, depressing, and savage songs to the haters came out after this.

(Even BTS’s the first fan song they wrote ‘2!3!’ says to Armys ‘It’s okay When I say one two three, forget it, Erase all the sad memories Hold my hand and smile.’)

When Armys were full of tears because of the haters, j-hope posted this picture on Twitter all of a sudden, surprised Armys.

j-hope was not a regular Twitter uploader back then.

He learned how to tweet (that he didn’t care for) just to comfort crying Armys.

K-Armys nickname J-Hope


[BANGTAN BOMB] BTS ‘DNA’ MV REAL reaction @6:00PM (170918) – BTS (방탄소년단)

1:00, 3:02, 3:51, (4:01)


Well, this famous ‘J-hooooooooope’ is adored by Armys around the world and even to the members (especially SUGA).

I feel like I hear SUGA’s voice when I see the text 쩨이호오오오오옵.

K-Armys nickname J-Hope

9.Jung Hope/ Huimangie



So, about his baby BT21 character “Mang”-s name. 

Guess where Mang came from!

Jung Hui-“Mang”!!!

K-Armys nickname J-Hope

10. Hoshigie


Though it became less in number these days (out of trend) “(@)shig” is quite a common name for a guy.

And this name came up in one of BTS early songs

시방 지금 날 좋아해, 거시기 거시기해?
지금 니 맘은 온통 다, 호시기 호시기해?

(So You like me now, “Geosigie Geosigie?”

Now your hearts all filled, “Hosigie, Hosigie?”)

-어디에서 왔는지  (Where did you come from). BTS

*Geosigie: (dialect) a pronoun for a person/thing you can’t recall the name right away; ‘thingy’, ‘that’

K-Armys suspect “Hosigie” probably followed to rhyme with ‘geosigie’. 

K-Armys nickname J-Hope



Hobi miss pronounced ‘freesia’ to ‘brassiere’ and became “BraHope”.

Poor hobi’s ears all got red.

K-Armys nickname J-Hope



*깝/까불거리다: being playful; but used when the actions are big, overreacted, running around like uncontrollable kids with full energy.

Have you heard of the term “beagle-dols”?

Some K-POP Idols are seen non-stop giggling, running, having fun times just being each other.

That looks like they have the energy of the beagle dogs, called “beagle-dols”. (Yup, BTS is one of them)

This 깝홉 ‘GgabHope’ has the exact same meaning when j-hope is high in energy and runs around, he is 깝홉. 

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