K-Armys Nickname [ Jimin ] in Ways You Couldn’t Have Imagined 2

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K-Armys Nickname Jimin

10. Samsaek Goyangie (Calico Cat)

“I’m your calico cat “


Okay. 👌 got cha.

He was called ‘삼색고양이 (sam saek go yang e)’ since then.

(삼색고양이= samsaek goyangie= calico cat)

11. Bagel guy

Bagle (baby face+glamorous body) is slang. Used for both girls & guys.

Babyface + muscular bodied guy


12. Jjimin

방탄소년단BTS- BTS Concept Trailer[2013.09.27뮤직뱅크]

Jimin&RM ripped shirts in this Concept trailer. Both got new nicknames.

Jimin → Jjimin ( Jjijji+Jimin)
Rap Monster→ JjiMon

*Jjijji (찌찌): baby word for breast(milk). 

13. Ddanji

‘calves’ =jang’ddanji’ (딴지)

Jimin used to be a lot more MUSCULAR. 

Nickname come and go…

14. SuperManmanie

Jimin looks very strong, a charismatic character on stage.

But once the performance is over he comebacks to ranks 7th in the team.

슈퍼만만이: Super “manmanie”: super easy; pushover

Not used anymore, but shows his characteristic I wanted to share.

He is such a sweet guy.

5 members once picked Jimin, when asked: “Who in the member would you introduce/suggest to meet ‘IF’ you have a sister?”.

15. Baby Mochi

BTS Carpool Karaoke

Watch from 5:38~

Late Late Show with James Corden. 

베이비모찌(baby mochi) and papa mochi!

I guess you all know this name. I added it anyway hehe.

16. Jungkook Mom

Jimin takes extra care of Jungkook like a mother.

K-Armys really nickname Jimin a ‘Jungkook mom’. lol

(even Jimin’s real brother is jealous of Jungkook, said Jimin shows too much affection towards JK.)

17. DdongGaeAe

똥개(ddonggae): street dog with no breed, but a friendly expression.

Jimin’s game id was once “Jiminie ddonggaeae”.

K-armys didn’t miss it, and calls him it.

18. Recollection Squirrel

Jimin takes lots of pictures, to keep the memory of the moment.

Like a squirrel collects acorn, he collects photos.

also shown from Bangtan Bomb

19. ParkGaSangGui

Even Park Jimin does not do a thing, the circumstances will still make him cute.

The sentence is shortened in four letters.

(‘박’지민이 ‘가’만히있어도 ‘상’황이 박지민을 ‘귀’엽게 만든다 =’박가상귀’)

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20. 3:33 Guy

BTS (방탄소년단) '불타오르네 (FIRE)' Official MV

“Who is the guy dancing at 3:33?”