K-Armys Nickname [ BTS Jimin ] in Ways You Couldn’t Have Imagined 1

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K-Armys nickname Jimin

K-Armys nickname Jimin

1. Jimnie/Jjimnie/ Jjim

#짐니 Jimnie – Hobi called him this.

#찜니 Jjimnie

#찜 Jjim

K-Armys nickname

2. Manggae/ManggaeTteok

This is the ‘Manggae Tteok’.  망개떡

Jimin’s mochi-cheeks reminds Korean “Manggae tteok”. 

#Manggae #Manggae tteok #ICE Manggae #Cold Manggae 

망개떡, 아이스망개, 냉망개

K-Armys nickname

3. GangYangie

K-Army: “Are you a dog person? or a cat person?”

🐥: “…docat?”

강양이 = 강아지(dog)+ 고양이(cat)

K-Armys nickname

4. ChimChim

Tony from the ‘American Hustle Life’ called him “침침”. 

K-Armys nickname

5. ParkFilter

박라이 Park Lie

박세렌 Park Seren(dipity)

박필터 Park Filter

K-Armys nickname

6. Jjweh-mwen-ssweh

[방탄소년단/BTS] “줴뭰쒜” 모음🤣🤣

Jungkook’s way of calling Jimin.

줴뭰쒜! (original: 지민씨 Jiminssi)

7. BBAK Jiminie

SUGA calls him PPAK Jiminie- (빡지민이).

8. Patjjiming


-Private PAT ! JJI ! MING ! Out for a walk!

This Korean meme got quite famous.


9. Mochi-Sexy

K-Army gave him this in SUGA’s ‘Honey FM’.


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