K-Armys Nickname [ BTS JIN ] in Ways You Couldn’t Have Imagined 2

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K-Army Nickname Jin

This post is a continued post of K-Army Nickname Jin. Click link below for the Post 1

K-Armys Nickname BTS Members in Ways You Couldn’t Have Imagined- Post 2. Jin

K-Armys Nickname Jin

12. Grapefruit Tatami

자몽다다미 [ja-mong-da-da-mi] :grapefuit tatami

One Japanese Army met Jin at a fan meet-up and later left online, Jin’s shoulder is so broad and face is so small, felt like the picture above. (She draw herself)

His head is small like a grapefruit, his shoulder is broad like a tatami, which is Japanese traditional flooring.

K-Army Nickname Jin

13. human Thom Browne

인간 톰브라운 [Human Thom Browne]

Jin doesn’t go shopping a lot. But he said he likes to shop multiple clothes from one brand if the brand suits him well. 

Thom Browne was the chosen brand, he wears a lot of Thom Browne so many pictures were taken in this brand top to bottom.

K-Army Nickname Jin

14.No 1 World Sculpted Face

세계조각미남 1위 (#1 Sculpted Face)

Jin has been selected as No 1 Best Sculpted Face in the World.

Well, well, well.. what a surprise.

Of course, Jin is the WORLDWIDE HANDSOME. 

Okay- from here on~ it’s going to be a ‘~~guy’ series. 

Jin has so many nicknames made with this.

K-Army Nickname Jin

15. Car Door Guy

차문남 [cha-mun-nam] :car door guy

“Who is the guy, first stepped out when the car door opened?”

It was MBC Melon Music Awards 2015 (Nov.7), when BTS showed up, Jin was so cute so many online started to ask for his name as the ‘car-door-guy’.

K-Army Nickname Jin

16. The Third Guy From The Left

왼세남 [wen-se-nam] “The third guy from the left”

It came from the BBMA 2017.

As you see in the screenshot, Jin’s good looks went viral online as ‘the third guy from the left’.

This was translated and abbreviated as 왼쪽 세번째 남자- 왼세남.

K-Army Nickname Jin

17. “I am Today’s Visual”

오비남 [o-bi-nam]: ‘I am today’s visual guy’

2016 Melon Music Awards

He was holding an “I am Today’s Visual” picket. 

Instantly got a new nickname.

오늘 비주얼 남자- 오비남

18. UN Guy

유엔총회남 [u-n-chong-hoe-nam] :UN-guy

When RM made a speech at the UN in 2018, Jin also went viral for his shining beauty as the ‘유엔총회남’.

19. ShongShong Guy

숑숑남 [shong-shong-nam]: Shongshong Guy

When BTS had MIC Drop performance at FNS Japan Stage, Jin was on Japan Yahoo trending as his line “Shong shong”.

Japanese people were going “Who is the ‘Shong shong’ guy?”. 

And also “What does ‘Shong shong’ mean?”.

*숑숑(shong shong): Korean sound expressing running at high speed, lightweight, with short strides.

20.Pink Mic Guy

핑크마이크남 [pink-mic-nam]

Yeah, you need an explanation?

No wonder why this got viral.

21. Zoom-In Guy

줌인남 [Zoom-in-nam]: Zoom in guy

The 2020 Grammy Red carpet.

He got a new nickname in Korea as 줌인남 (Zoom in guy).

The cameraman saw Jin through the camera lens, captivated at his beauty, must have thought “We all gotta see him much closer!” 😂😂😂

22.Entrance Door Guy

2021 대문남 등장에 심장이 요동치기시작 pic.twitter.com/s9fOQRXhCR

— 지민투데이☺️ (@jimintoday__) March 17, 2021

대문남 [dae-moon-nam]:entrance/main door guy

When ‘You Quiz’ Trailer 2021 was released, door entering Jin when the door opening was so fine a new nickname was added immediately.

Maybe he should get a new nickname.

‘nickname collector’

There were more ~~guy series including Guy in the waistcoat, Black plain suit Guy, Grey hoodie in the middle…etc.

I didn’t address them, they are the nicknames made in English first as the “The third guy from the left”. 

I tried to focus on the Korean nicknames though there are few international nicknames in it,