K-Armys Nickname [ BTS JIN ] in Ways You Couldn’t Have Imagined 1

K-Armys Call Jin...

Ready to hear how K-Armys call Jin in 22 different ways?

Now you can call him the names too!

K-Armys Call Jin...1. Worldwide handsome

월와핸 [wol-wa-haen]

It’s the Korean way of abbreviated ‘Worldwide handsome’ (드-이드-섬)

K-Armys Call Jin...2.haemjji

햄찌 [haem-jji]= 🐹

‘haemjji’ is a cutely pronounced/ written word of a hamster in Korean. 

He is called 햄찌 only because his cheeks look like a cute hamster.

K-Armys Call Jin...3.Matnae

맏내 [mat-nae]

The two very different word words added together.

이(first born)+막(maknae)

‘maknae’ means the last one of the siblings, the baby of the house. 

K-Armys call Jin 맏내(mat-nae) when he acts like the youngest, although he is the oldest on the team.


K-Armys Call Jin...4. Seokjinie

석지니 [Seok-ji-nie]

Yes~ it’s Seokjinie!!

Even 석지니 himself writes 석지니 on Twitter it’s so cute.

‘석진이’ is correct Grammarly. 

Calling one’s name with ~’ie’ at the end is informal, so this is another way of calling a baby/child.

REMEMBER** K-Armys only refer to him these online. When K- Armys talk to him as a person-to person, we will be very polite and use proper names as Seokjin oppa/Seokjin-ssi/Seokjin-nim.

K-Armys Call Jin...5. Seukjji 슥찌

슥찌 [seuk-jji]/ 슥찌니 [sseuk-jji-ni] 

= same as Seokjin/ Seokjinie

Just another pronunciation/ written way of 석진(Seokjin).

HOWEVER, 슥찌 is very wrong in grammar and informal.

Like a baby, miss-spelled/miss pronounced word. Cute way to call his name.


아재 [A-jae]

‘Ajae’ is another word for ‘ajussi’ if you know the word ‘ajussi’.

Or as you can guess, in English it’s known as ‘Dad’ joke. 

Yeah, he is the ‘Dad’ role here, we Koreans call ‘ajussi’ (middle aged man).

9. Cooking Sexy Guy

요섹남 [yo-sek-nam]: cooking-sexy-guy= a hot guy who can cook well.

Jin is an amazing cook certified by the members. 

He showed his cooking skills numerous times on many BTS shows.

10.Pink Gongju

핑크 공주 [pink-gong-ju]: pink princess

It’s nothing weird about him being ‘princess’ hahahahahaha.

Just he likes color pink so much K-Armys call him pink princess, even he introduced himself as 핑크공주 once. (But later on, there was a saying he doesn’t want to be called 핑크공주 so Armys don’t know which is true.)

Why not a prince but a princess? I don’t know.

11. Seokjin Seonbae

석진선배 [Seokjin-seon-bae]: 

*선배 [seon-bae] means elder class (Senior) in school, work, or in any social group. In most cases, schools.

Jin has the dreamy image of ‘colleage senior’ every freshmen girls wishes for. 

Korean girls will tell you so, even though they can’t tell you the specific reasons why. Do you agree too?

That’s why he is called ‘석진선배’.

*Koreans have a light hierarchical relationship, defining one’s such age, class, social status is important.

*You see, though I don’t know you guys in person, I still call myself ‘unnie’ (me being an elder sister) because I wish to feel like a close informal relationship to call each other in these ‘titles’ instead of being polite formal way.

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