K-Armys Nickname [ Jungkook ] in Ways You Couldn’t Have Imagined

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Golden Maknae

Jungkook is good at rap, dance, vocals… leader RM named him “Golden Maknae”.

*Maknae: The last born of the family.

황금막내 [hwang-gum-mak-nae]

1. Donggurami (Circle)

Round round circle-

동그라미 [dong-gu-ra-mi]

2. Jeon Junggugie

SUGA often calls him this way.

전정구기 [jeon-jung-gugie]

3. JeyKey (JK)

Well, you all call him this too.

You see hyungs call him “Jeykey” quite often.

*Hyung: older brothers. (JK is the youngest in the group.)

Jin uses this the most.

#제께헤이 [Je-ggeh-hey]



4. Tokkie (Bunny)

Bunny is also a familiar one. Right? It’s Tokki in Korean.

Jungkook resembles a cute bunny, 🐰 emoji represents him.


5. Gguktiz

꾹티즈[gguktese] Gguk+maltese dog

K-Armys are in two teams.

Team bunny v.s. Team maltese

How about you now?

6. JungGugie

#정구기 [jung-gu-gie]


Very commonly used the written name on Twitter. 

K-Armys feel too formal to write “정국이” the correct way. “정구기” is grammarly wrong, but friendly, can feel aegyo, somewhat saying “he is our baby”.

8. Gguggu

Jung’guk’ s ‘Guk’ → ‘Ggu’

Baby-like(aegyo) nickname.

꾸꾸 [ggu-ggu]

9. Ggugie

Jung’Gguk’+ie = Baby-like (Aegyo) name version of Kookie.


*add ‘ie’ to make a friendly Korean name.

  • Hope+ie=Hobie (Hobi)
  • Jimin+ie= Jiminie
  • Namjoon+ie=Namjoonie


10. Kookie

The one you all know!



11. Jeon Sicha (Jeon MyTime)

Jeon MyTime

K-Armys have a special love for JK’s My Time performance. 

전 시차

12. Jeon Mayfly

“Jungkook lives like he has no tomorrow.”

Meaning he dares to treat hyungs like they’re the same age.

(Koreans are strict in the hierarchy by age. Even within brothers. Maknae JK teaches (scolds) hyungs in the clip, is really a funny scene for Koreans.)

전루살이 [Jeon-ru-sal-ee]

13. Muscle Piggie

Members made this nickname.

Jin says he can build muscle so easily, even by using spoons at the table.

근육돼지 [geun-yook-dwae-ji]

#정근JungGun (Jungkook+근육muscle)

13. Jungkook58

58[o-pal]: oppa (58 is read oh,pal in Korean)


K-Armys have a saying, ‘JeonJungkookOppa’ is his real full name.

(Have no conscience, will be fine)

14. Haggo

하와이꼬질이[Hawaii Ggojilie]: Hawaii dirty(cute expression)

JK’s face sunburnt around lips and down looks he got dirty.

He in Hawaii is called “Hawaii Ggojilie”, shortened “Haggo”.

15. Coconut Head


Once his hairstyle was…

16. Baby Warrior Ggukturi

아기장수 꾹투리[agi-jang-soo-gguk-turi]

It’s a Korean traditional folktale “Baby warrior Wootoori”.

The baby Wootoori has super strong strength. 

17. Prince puppy

왕자 강아지[Wangja gang-aji]

Jimin interviewed in a Japanese magazine, JK is a pet puppy.

In one Army Kit, Jin wrote JK as their 반려견(companion dog).

*Korean granmas call  grandchildren ‘my puppies’.

No matter how tall, how strong he gets, he is still 6 hyungs little baby brother.

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