K-Armys Nickname [ BTS RM ] in Ways You Couldn’t Have Imagined 2

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K-Armys Nickname BTS RM

This is RM K-Armys nickname post- the continued series. Click the link to read the first post if you haven’t!

K-Armys Nickname BTS Members in Ways You Couldn’t Have Imagined- Post 1. RM

11. Pink Mon

핑몬 [Ping-mon]

In 2015 06.17. (I Need U era.) In the ‘Weekly Idol’ TV show program, RM wore a pink t-shirt.

This RM was so memorable (unforgettable) got a nickname.

The second visit to the same show. 

RM, coincidentally was in ‘pink’ hair, added PinkMon memes series by accident.

And, sadly this is how he remembers PinkMon.

: people want to see your pink hair again.

RM: Oh, I don’t, I don’t do pink.

Cuz you know, 주간아이돌(Weekly Idol), and that pink hair,

that was my 흑역사(Dark history), You know, I ‘m not.

I won’t do it again.

13. Kim Daily

Many of you already know #Kim daily. Yay!

Kim daily is in fact from Namjoon himself not by K-Armys.

However, including I-Armys, Armys love Kim daily and misses him. Wish he comes back and uploads often but no pressure on him.

13. Wings

양날개 [yang-nal-geh]

RM and Jin were the two least good dancers in the group, they often placed each end side.

K-Armys named RM and Jim both ‘양날개’ (side wing).

Since their dance skills developed so much they are now great dancers K-Armys don’t call them 양날개 anymore.

Although the nickname is not used anymore, I wanted to share this history with I-Armys too.

K-Armys nickname RM

14. Aremeione

아레미온느 [a-re-mi-on-ne]

This is quite a recent nickname.

RM+Hermione (yes the Hermione Granger)

Not because of his intelligence but his usage of time.

K-Armys wonder all the time, how is it possible that he manages to visit so many art museums, make music, workout, ride a bicycle, go out to parks, read books, practice choreography, and run the BTS ‘schedules’. 

He looks like got all the time for what he wishes to do.

RM must have a magical time machine like Hermione’s time turner.

15. Joontriever

Joon+ retriever

Namjoonie is like a happy large-sized dog, who doesn’t realize he is big & strong innocently runs around. (Sometimes breaks household too)

K-Armys nickname RM

16. Kim Establish Country


김건국[Kim Gunkook]

17. Kim Netizen

He reads every tweet online.

He knows everything.

김네티즌[Kim Netizen]

K-Armys nickname RM

18. MaekBanSeok

His pretty, round, glowing dark skin resembles stone-baked eggs.

맥반석[Maekbanseok]:Stone baked eggs

19. Runch Randa

His rap name in his Jr.high.