K-Armys Nickname [ BTS SUGA ] in Ways You Couldn’t Have Imagined 2

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K-Army called Suga…

K-Army called Suga in over 20 different names! 

See what names you recognize!

K-Army called Suga…

12. Min Yoonji


Yoonji is Yoongi’s sister, you all know right?


If any of you haven’t met Yoonji yet, go watch Run BTS episode 11.

Sometimes Yoongi answers Armys questions about how Yoonji is up to. 

K-Army called Suga…

13. Min Gyong Gi


Mingyonggi is an interesting nickname.

‘굥’기 = ‘윤’기 Yoongi’s ‘Yoon’ letter upside down. 

Just a cute childish play with his name. 

K-Army called Suga…

14. Min Slug

민달팽이[min-dal-paeng-ee]: a slug.

When he was young since his family name is ‘Min’ any words that start with ‘Min’ can become his nickname. 

Slug in Korean is called ‘Min’dalpaengee, kids called him a slug for it.

I guess it kinda suits him since he is also lethargic not moving much, slow like a slug.

K-Army called Suga…

15. Min-dungbangah

민덩방아 [min-dung-bang-ah]

*’MinDulung’: remember ‘김덜렁'(Kim dulung) of the American Hustle Life, the ‘KimDangle’? ‘덜렁'(dulung) also got other meanings of clumsy I mentioned briefly.

*n. 엉덩방아 (ung-dung-bang-ah): fell on hips

The word itself has a cute sound, RM suggested him I think.

K-Army called Suga…

16. Min Stone

민돌멩이[min-dol-meng-ee]: Min stone

“I want to born as a stone in my next life.” -Min SUGA

After this memorable speech, he got the nickname ‘Min Stone’.

K-Army called Suga…

17. Grumpy Marshmallow

심통난 마시멜로[sim-tong-nan-marshmallow]: grumpy marshmallow

Yup the name explains itself.

When he frowns and be cute, or he looks grumpy and be cute, or even when he just woke up swelled up and be cute…

He is our ‘grumpy marshmallow’.

K-Army called Suga…

18. Black SUGA

흑슈가[heuk-sugar]: black sugar

Literally, 흑(black or dark) +sugar = brown sugar in English 

K-Armys call this name when he dyes his hair back to ‘black’.

Personally, I like dark haired Yoongi, so my vote goes to ‘흑슈가’ too!

K-Army called Suga…

19. Gloss

글로스[gulo-su]: gloss

When Yoongi was young, before he joined BigHit, he worked with the D-Town crew in Daegu as a producer. 

Gloss is the name he used when he was at the D-Town crew, meaning ‘Yoongi’.

What does it mean? Word ‘Yoongi’ if used as an adjective, means ‘glossy, glow, shine…’ in Korean.

His name’s actual meaning is ” As a “Jeweled bead “玧”(Yoon) have an abundant(shining) and rounded life”.

K-Army called Suga…

20. Shu.Wae.No.Jal.


*Tweet translation: Why is SUGA good at vocals?

Kim Youngdae, a known music critic, left this tweet made Armys go laughing so hard.

Armys shortened the sentence into four letters that made SUGA’s nickname.

Kim Youngdae-ssi later tweets ‘Hope-waenojal’ again gives K-Armys great laughter.

K-Army called Suga…

21. SongWol


His father used to call Yoongi ‘Songwol’ as his childhood name, meaning “Enjoy the art of music and the beauty of nature”

What a beautiful name, I love it.

And about the picture I chose, yes, it is Yoongi.

A picture tells a lot about his school life. Don’t you think so?

K-Army called Suga…

22. DaejangGyoon/ E. Coli

대장균[dae-jang-gyun]: E. coli.

This is the cutest of his nicknames.

*대장[daejang]: got two meanings in Korean, 1; general, admiral, boss or such 2; colon, large intestine.

*균[gyun]: germ. but I believe he is using the word as his name 윤 ‘yoon’gi.  It sounds close.

E. coli (yes the colon bacillus) was the ID of his 4th-grade elementary school class blog page. 

The name ‘대장균'[dae-jang-gyun] probably meant “대장+균” = Boss germ more likely, ‘Boss Yoon’. 

(Only in my speculation, he never answers about ‘daejanggyun’ questions.)

The class blog is closed now (requested by Yoongi) but K-Armys left screenshots of his lovely innocent conversations/posts with his classmates & the teacher.

K-Army called Suga…

23. Semo-Rami (Tri-Circle)

세모라미[semo-rami]: tri-circle

세모라미 is two words 


  • 세모[semo]: triangle
  • 동그라미[dong-gurami]: circle

SUGA has a soft rounded facial feature and triangle-like “△ △” eyes. 

Jungkook, on other hand, got very rounded facial features & eyes, K-Armys call him “동그라미”(circles).