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K-Armys nickname SUGA...

SUGA has over 20 nickname by K-Armys. 


설탕 [seol-tang]: sugar

‘설탕’ is the Korean word for ‘sugar’.

Yup. Why not use it as a nickname? ㅋㅋㅋ

Once RM suggested ‘Sugar Factory’ for SUGA’s office name instead of the ‘Genius Lab’.

He is often called Min Seoltang or Seoltang ssi.

Well, we can’t help but calling him SugaR, he is so sweet he melts us.

K-Armys nickname SUGA...2. Min AEONG

민애옹[min-ae-ong]: Min meow

I think Lil meow meow is cuter.


Korean cats meow in two ways.

Yaong& aeong

K-Armys nickname SUGA...3.MiNyoonGi 미늉기


This is as you can guess, another babish written name of Min Yoongi.

Koreans like to write names like this to make it cuter. 

K-Armys nickname SUGA... 4.ShubShubie 슙슙이

슙슙이 [shub-shub-ee]


I am NOT JOKING, he really really wrote it CUTE, he is not ‘hiphop’ when he is on Twitter.

Anyways, Koreans use “ㅠㅠ” as the crying emoji, read ‘yu-yu’.

‘슈’가(‘SU’GA) used his name to make a crying sound, it just naturally read 슙슙(shub-shub) in pronunciation.

SUGA cries ShubShub!!! Can you believe this????

If you understand the nuance, the feeling, the tone of the Korean. Twitter is a whole different Yoongi. 

We have the Agust D on one side and Twitter Yoongi exists on the very opposite side.

K-Armys nickname SUGA...5. Min PD

민피디 [min-pd]

MinPD (Producer)

SUGA’s favorite nickname. 

Since he makes many BTS music, he should be a real MinPD. Right??

He dreamed to be a music producer since young and auditioned for BigHit as a producer too. 

He is called a genius making music, even his work office is called ‘Genius Lab’.

MinPD consistently produces music, so excited to wait for what’s next.

6. Min Bba Dap


민윤기에게 빠지면 답이없다: Once you fall into Min Yoongi, there is no going back. 


7. Shub No Energy

슙기력 [shub-gi-ryuk]

Thanks to the ‘슙슙’ ‘shubshub’ he got a lot of Korean ‘shub+’ nicknames.

This nickname is two words added, 슙+’무기력’

무기력(mugiryuk): lethargic, state of no energy

SUGA often (very often) looks lethargic, the nickname is understandable, right?

8. Shub D


Another ‘shub’ series!

This one is simple.

From the Honey FM his title, “SUGA SUGA ShubD”, K-Armys just shortened it to “ShubD”. 

(D is for DJ)



  • 천재(chunjae): genius
  • adj. 짱(jjang): outdated Korean slang for ‘the best’. You will still see it here and there.
  • 짱짱맨(jjangjjangmaen): ‘the best best man’. ‘Man’ is English.
  • 뿡뿡(bbungbbung): one of the cutest ways of describing a sound of a fart.

On this Starcast live show, one of the Army wrote him a letter with this line(?) ‘민윤기천재짱짱맨뿡뿡’.

Yoongi liked it so much he chose the letter over other Army wrote rap verses to rap, later this became his nickname. 

1:06:20 (Letter starts from here!) /1:10:15 (rap starts from here)

This name is written subtitle on RunBTS Ep.140. 

Translated: “Minyoongichunjaechanchanmaenbbungbbung” has done it

10. Minstradamus

민스트라다무스[minstradamus]: min+Nostradamus

*Nostradamus: French astrologer, physician and reputed seer in 1500s, Famous for his predictions.

Have you heard of ‘What Yoongi wants, Yoongi gets’?  

This nickname ‘Minstradamus’ is the same version of the quote. 

What Yoongi says all come true in the future like magic, K-Armys are saying he is a seer, future predicter.

11. Mool Mandoo

물만두[mool-man-doo]: water boiled dumpling or in other name ‘wonton’

Yoongi said, his mother told him he looked like a ‘boiled dumpling’ on tv. 

What she meant was he got chubby, but K-Armys still use the word today. 

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