TOP 10 Korean BEST Selling Snacks- Steady TOP Sellers For Years

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Korean TOP 10 Best Selling Snacks

Ggoggal Corn (꼬깔콘)

This snack placed #1 in most of the research I saw on the web.

Maybe because it’s variation in flavors, ‘Ggoggal Corn’ got over 10 different flavors selling in store right now.


Snack lovers BTS also likes Ggoggal Corn 꼬깔콘 they found eating while playing card games at ‘In the SOOP’ episode 8.

The most sold, the most profited in years 2019, 2020...

This Corn snack was once casually called 'Koreans Bugles', Lotte Confectionery company officially purchased the rights from General Mills America in the form of a technical partnership and released it in 1983.

HomeRun Ball Choco (홈런볼 초코)

Oh, this chocolate-filled choux snack is everyone’s favorite!

 I remember my childhood keeping this for the very last treat…

The latest trend is to put it in the oven, melt the chocolate filling, and eat! Koreans like to try recipes on food. Hehe

Homerun ball Choco always stays on the high rank of best selling snacks, so try if you are curious.

Saewoo Ggang (새우깡)

Not too popular amongst the young generation, but definitely favored by the older generation.

So this Korean shrimp cracker stays high ranked all the time…


Personally, I don't love it, hate it. I will eat it gladly when I have it.

I also recommend the spicy flavored Saewoo Ggang!

(By the way, it includes real shrimp powder. Still one of my friends is allergic to shrimps and she is all fine with this snack. )

Corn Chips (콘칲)

Corn Chips used to be my favorite childhood chips!

If I only had to pick one, at the grocery shopping.  Corn Chips was my pick.

Corn Chips is BTS Jin’s one of favorite chips, members ate it in episodes of ‘In the SOOP’ too.

Also at ‘BANG BANG CON21’ RM & SUGA & Jimin short video, RM mentions this Corn Chip. (though it got censored as “Corn****” Koreans can tell😋)


Bang in the middle of your room

Bang Bangtan there on TV

Con Corn snacks at the ready!”

Margaret (마가렛트)

Margaret cookie is unnie’s other favorite snack!

Unnie never get tired of this, everyone should try this. 

*be aware allergic people this contains peanuts.



White Heim(화이트하임), Choco Heim (초코하임)

White Heim and Choco Heim hazelnut wafers, probably had no haters.

Back in my childhood days, putting it in the freezer and harden it to eat was a trendy thing… 


I remember how difficult it was to restrain myself hard and just eat a few at a time. 

Binch (빈츠)

The Binch cookies!

If I have to pick one favorite in “chocolate snack”, this is it.

The rich chocolate is just perfect, not too milky, not too bitter.


Oh! potato (오감자)

‘Oh! Potato’ snack was very hot when it first launched. I guess the popularity is still ongoing it’s ranked high.

This also comes in various flavors.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of this, but I still recommend it because most of my friends like this snack.

Matdongsan (맛동산)

What an old-fashioned designed snack that even looks questionable!

This ugly snack that only elders might pick up is actually quite addictive.

Watch in the episode Bangtanbomb Jungkook eating Matdongsan.

You may not be an enthusiast, but you might find yourself looking for this snack once you taste Matdongsan.

Choco Pie(초코파이)

ChocoPie is one of the most famous Korean snacks.

I am sure you will find this in your near Korean market because this is sold everywhere… 

However, make sure you check the brand "ORION" because similar looking products are out too. 

The "ORION" choco pie has its unique taste, the marshmallow filling, other similar products can not mimic.

From here are personal suggestions!

Mongswel (몽쉘)

There are two groups of people. 

The team ChocoPie, and the team Mongswel.

Unnie is team Mongswel. It’s softer, more flavorful in my opinion.


Oh yes (오예스)

Yes, oh, yes~!

Do I like these chocolate cakes? Yes!…

Which one do I like the most out of the three? 

(ChocoPie, Mongswel, and Oh yes)

It's difficult to say, they are close, but Mongswel gets the crown!

Honey Twist Snack (꿀꽈배기)

Honey Twist Snack!!

Unnie buys this Big size bag and keeps it in the cabinet eat little by little.

This one is not everyone’s first pick, but it definitely has a strong fandom… 

Its crunchy texture and sweet fragrance of honey&apple harmony are just too addictive you can't stop eating.

Unnie need some right now as of writing this post.

These are not newly launched snacks, they have been around for over two decades but still remain Korean favorites. 

Unnie suggest you try these!

*The order was about in order of typical Koreans (of all age range) favor.