V ‘Singularity’ Ultimate Explanation Pt.2- Taehyung’s Untold Message Hidden In The Music.

[Post 2] V 'Singularity' MV Explained

This is a continued post of “V ‘Singularity’ MV Explained Part 1”

V 'Singularity' 7. Brand New Taehyung

Another very different-looking Taehyung is dancing on a new set of a dance floor. (Also Not ‘White-Lonely light’)

” Have I lost myself

Or have I gained you

He is singing ‘Have I lost myself?’

Burns himself ‘Blue‘ in ‘Pain‘.

(The ‘Flower’ also is in ‘Blue‘ & ‘Purple‘)

Empty-eyed Flower Taehyung. He is gone now.

‘Or have I gained myself’

From the darkness, under the ‘White- Lonely’ lights, brand new Taehyung is born.

The brand new Taehyung is the person all Taehyung’s egos united.

Take a look at the details.

  • ‘Black clothes’ Taehyung
  • V’s earring
  • ‘Flower’ printed clothes

V 'Singularity' 8. His Story Begins

New Taehyung blinds us and takes us back to the past, how he became who he is today.

V 'Singularity' 9. Melting Ice

” I suddenly run to the lake

There’s my face in it

Ice is melting on the lake.

The time is coming.

V 'Singularity' 10. Reunion

V melted ice, gets the ‘Flower’ out of the lake.

” Please don’t say anything

Surrounding V, his ‘Faces’ are out of control showing unstable behaviors.

It shows V’s insecure state of mind.

Flower Taehyung, looks like he has lost almost all his emotions but one ‘Blue-Pain’. 

Even the room is darkening, lights faded.

10-1. Reunion

” Reach my hand out to cover the mouth

V with the ‘Faces’ and Flower Taehyung reunited. 

Looks like they found peace the ‘Faces’ became calm and relaxed. 

Flower Taehyung also became hopeful, his darkroom got brighter.

This light is also not the ‘White-Lonely‘ light. Is this the light of hope?

Flower Taehyung is reaching out for the light.

V 'Singularity' 11. Decision

V makes a decision.

“But in the end, spring will come someday

V turns away his head, hands over the ‘Flower’ to be one of his ‘Faces’. 

Now Flower Taehyung, the one he loved, became one of the characters V plays in front of the public.

And the following consequence is shown right away for a second. The new Taehyung is on the changing progress. 

  • Empty facial expression.
  • ‘Black clothes’= Taehyung
  • THE broken TV  on the upper corner suggests this place is the near future of the same flower room under the lake.
  • His hair color changed to brown as the New Taehyung’s hair color.

Then the film’s timeline comes back to Flower Taehyung, who is not yet in change.

He is in a bad state. 

V 'Singularity' 12. Flower Taehyung

This one scene explains a lot about Taehyung under the lake. (Flower Taehyung)

  1. He is holding the same ‘Flower’ V handed over to the ‘Faces’. This reaffirms the ‘Flower’ represents Taehyung.
  2. Also his original emotions, the ‘Blue-Pain’ and ‘Red-Happiness’ lights are shining on each side of his face. 
  3. He is wearing ‘Black clothes’.
  4. Lastly, He expresses himself with a large ‘LOVED’ earring on the ‘Red‘ lighted side, he reassures this Taehyung is the ‘one he loved‘ but locked under the lake, Taehyung. (The earring has a ‘flower’ point too.)

Unnie believe this scene is here for an important reason. 

This scene is here to help viewers understand the ‘Flower’ V handed over to the Faces is ‘Taehyung’ under the lake if they didn’t get the message straight. (This message is so important)

10-2. Decision

V, right after handing his beloved ‘Flower’ over to the ‘Faces’, he himself becomes one of them.

Now, all of the egos only exist in the forms of ‘Faces’, the characters played for the people.

= Side Note About Taehyung Universe =

What unnie is going to talk about here is not about the storyline of ‘Singularity’.

Taehyung sometimes appears upside down in different Bangtan Universe. 

Unnie don’t have a theory yet about how these connect, but sure this got to mean something right?

(V from ‘Forever Young’ and ‘DNA’ MV)

Then, let’s see the scenes in the ‘Singularity’. Hmm interesting. Right?

Back to ‘Singularity’, 

“The ice will melt and flow away

Empty eyed V stands in the middle of his colorless, emotionless room.

Under his feet, water flows like the lake. The ice seems melted all the way down.


This ‘Flower’ Taehyung and the room was locked under the lake, under the WATER. 

The scene changes, and this time, we the viewers are watching Flower Taehyung from the under water up.

Then, take a look at this scene again with a fresh point of view.

What if you are looking down at reversed universe of V? (upside-down V)

Unnie believe this scene had a specific purpose.

A purpose which implies Taehyung’s room is upside down. 

The reasons are,

  1. The ice & water should be above Taehyung by nature since he is under the lake.
  2. The specific scene above.
  3. Taehyung’s upside-down universe in BTS MVs.

–That was just a side note and let’s go back to the main story–

V 'Singularity' 13. Regret

“Tell me if my voice isn’t real

If I shouldn’t have thrown my self away

Tell me if even this pain isn’t real

What I was supposed to do back then”

He is expressed as a ‘shadow’ because he is Taehyung from the past, who doesn’t exist solely anymore.

He regrets the choices he made in the past. Shows he still agonizes from the inside.

At this point, I was wondering…

Why the Taehyung from the PAST? Not the New Taehyung who led the story?? 

Unnie have a theory about this after next scene.

V 'Singularity' 14. The Dream

Taehyung who suffered from the ‘phantom pain’ in the dream, now the light has faded out, get to take a breath of relief.

How did this ‘phantom pain’ go away when everyone is still suffering?

Unnie’s theory about this also answers question one above, why Taehyung from the past showed up as a shadow narrated himself when there is a New Taehyung?

: BECAUSE, The New Taehyung found peace in him. Found ‘Map of The Soul’ and he loves himself now.

Remember the title of the album ‘Love Yourself’.

The agonizing painful, regretting Taehyung only exists in the past. He is expressed in the shadow after the New Taehyung’s birth. The Taehyung in the dream shows exactly how he is relieved from pain. 

V 'Singularity' 15 The Ending


You might say, “But the ending says otherwise.”

The ending is VERY VERY strong. 

It looks like contradicts the ending theory I just made above. 

Well, unnie think this scene was emphasized so much, this is THE ONE MESSAGE TAEHYUNG WANTED TO SPEAK THROUGH ‘SINGULARITY’.

The scene, assures the audience the ‘Flower’ handed over to the ‘Faces’ means ‘Flower Taehyung’ became one of the ‘Faces’.

The dropping black tear to make sure again for those who didn’t get the message, this change was a big pain to him.

In my interpretation, the message is this.

“Taehyung’s ‘loved self’ is now open to the public, he wears him and “plays” as one of his characters. His ‘loved self’ can’t be stayed as his real self anymore and he is agonizing from it.”

= Unnie's commentary =

Sorry for those who cried so much and didn’t expect this heavy message. 

I didn’t think this deep until I saw some of Taehyung’s interviews recently. How he talks about himself and how he wishes to be in front of the mass media. 

Armys shouldn’t worry, we know he got amazing 6 brothers to support him at the closest and of course we the Armys by the side too! 

I also think he loves himself now ‘Singularity’ could’ve been born!

‘You can’t stop me lovin’ myself!’ -Idol

Taehyung cherishes ‘Singularity’, it is meaningful work for him. (he says in the interviews)

I thank him for sharing his honest personal story.

Thank you everyone for visiting this post!  

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