RunBTS Ep.136 -Hey, You Can Laugh Too! (Beeper Code Explained, Part 1)

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Part 1

RunBTS Ep.136 was a quiz show. Let’s Go!

Mindy unnie also isn’t a ‘Beeper’ generation, this was interesting for me too =)

The technology developing speed is just too fast.

Can you believe even people in 30s are barely aware of the existence of the beepers?

I understand why the younger generations have no idea what this is talking about at all.

I’m gonna assume you already have a basic understanding of Korean numbers here.

Okie! let’s go!

1. 981

981 (gu-pal-il)

급한 일 (gu-pan-il) : urgent 

This was about the sound.

The number 981 (gu-pal-il) sounds close to 급한 일(gu-pan-il)- meaning ‘urgent’ in Korean.

RunBTS Ep.136 Quiz

2. 1254

1254 (il-ee-o-sa) 

이리오소(ee-ree-o-so) :Come here/ Come over here

이리오’소’ is shorted version of 이리오’시오’.

When you say 이리오소 fast/in dialect it becomes 일리오소 (il-lee-o-so) which is closer to 1254 (il-ee-o-sa).

* ‘이리오소’ Sounds old and ‘ajussi’ like a way of speaking ‘come here’ in Korean. 

RunBTS Ep.136 Quiz

3. 9090


gogo:가자 가자/ let’s go


No question here right? Its about the shape of the number.

Hobi so excited here.

RunBTS Ep.136 Quiz

4. 11010

lol, RM going “its binary” -noooo….. let’s not think too deep here.

11010 was interesting.

PD-nim hinted members by this question is about ‘direction’ and ‘shape’.

Jimin&Jin trying to read out something from the numbers sideway.

RM is of course the sexy brain.

11010 read in 90 degrees looks like Korean ‘‘.

Do you see it?

*흥: (heung/hung) bah, pah -“bah- I hate you”. Being sulky.

another answer (I thought it makes sense)

*ㅎㅎ:haha, hoho, hehe – soft, warm, but not used often because it’s more of an ‘awkward’ smile.  You use this when you want to use a laughing sign but the other person is older/unfamiliar you need to be polite. Or you intentionally use this to friends when you are being sarcastic. This is VERY different from the ‘ㅋㅋㅋ’.

RunBTS Ep.136 Quiz

5. 9977

9977 (gu-gu-chil-chil)

구구절절(gu-gu-jeol-jeol): When something is 구구절절, it means it got a long story.

So the code ‘9977’ says ‘I got a lot to say, let’s meet up’.

RunBTS Ep.136 Quiz

6. 2626


2626 had lots of guesses. Let’s see how members guessed this meant.

Jin first guessed this meant ‘이유를 이유?’

이유를 이유? (ee-you-ee-you)

2-6-2-6 (ee-yuk-ee-yuk) When the numbers are read separately, one-by-one, it’s ‘ee-yuk’.

‘ee-you'(reason/excuse) sounds close to ‘ee-yuk'(2-6)

Jin translated 2626 as “excuse me an excuse…?”. Even he is doubting himself what it means.

So V takes it and says “이유를 대봐”

Which means “give me a reason”

But this was also X.

RM’s guess was “ㅠㅠ”.

ㅠㅠ is read 유유(you-you) in Korean.

2626 (ee-yuk-ee-yuk)

ㅠㅠ(you-you): ‘cry cry’ emoji.

I see the connection! Try reading it out loud! (It helps if you know Korean numbers, the easy romanized letters are there to help, but can’t translate 100% original sound)

However, this was also not the answer. (I thought this was a good answer)

V suddenly gets an idea.

“경찰차 떴다! 피융~피융”: “Police patrol car is up! (siren)”



Cute 🐻TaeTae-like an answer.😂👍

Finally, Hobi gets the answer.

The answer was easier than it looks. 

이륙이륙 (ee-ryuk-ee-ryuk): 이륙 means ‘to take off’ (of an airplane in most cases)

2626 (ee-ryuk-ee-ryuk)– read strait, numbers in connected, the sound is ‘ee-ryuk’.

This was difficult to guess since it is not a daily vocabulary to use. 

In this case, it was used as a code ‘ee-ryuk’=departure, which meant ‘I am leaving to go home’=’I just left’.  

RunBTS Ep.136 Quiz

7. 486

‘486‘ has nothing to do with sound or shape, yet this was the famous number probably everyone knew.


The number 486 means 사랑해: I love you.

The numbers mean the numbers of lines in the word ‘사랑해’.

Classic Korean love code.

There was a famous song that everyone knew.

The song Jungkook sang a verse

“Express your love four times a day
Laugh eight times, kiss me six times

It’s the only password to my heart
No one else can know it, only you can have me
You are my secret boy boy boy, boy boy boy”

Younha- Password 486

Younha- ‘Password 486’

Watch 0:58~1:07 for the same verse as Jungkook sang in the episode.

(Funfact: This is the same artist Younha. Who RM collaborated with and made ‘Winter Flower’.)

RunBTS Ep.136 Quiz

8. 092590

092590 (gong-gu-ee-o-gu-young)

*The number ‘0’ can be read in both ‘gong’ and ‘young’

sub: ‘You can do this at bowling alley’

Then Jiminie makes this cute joke.

092590 (gong-gu-ee-o-gu-young)

정국이 오구요 (Jung-gugie-o-gu-yo): Jungkook, come here please (voice tone of calling a child)

5959 (o-gu-o-gu): This ‘오구오구’ expression is used when you see a cute thing (doing something, doing something proud, crying, eating…) A baby, cat, and dog. You usually say ‘오구오구’ while petting the cute baby because you adore them.

*Writing ‘오구오구’ in number ‘5959’ is slang/internet thing.

Jin gets an idea from Jiminie’s joke.

092590 (gong-gu-ee-o-gu-young)

조심히 오구요 (jo-shi-mi-o-gu-yo): come safely


Genius RM comes up with a brilliant theory that made everyone laugh.

092590 (gong-gu-ee-o-gu-young)

공구리 (들구) 오구용 (gong-gu-ri-(dul-gu)-o-gu-yong): Bring 공구리 when you come

When you add an extra ‘ㅇ’ at the end of ‘요’ and say ‘용’ it’s very Aegyo-ful feminine way to speak in Korean.

(*Don’t use, it’s outdated. Sound like ajumma.)

That’s why the members are laughing.

*공구리: satoori (dialect) of concrete. Unnie first thought it was a dialect of 공구(tools), Not a commonly used vocabulary.

Finally, Jin gets the right answer.

092590 (gong-gu-ee-o-‘G’-‘O’)

공 굴리러 ‘Go’ (gong-gu-lee-ro-‘Go’): Let’s go rolling balls= Let’s go bowling.

The last ’90’ is read ‘go’ again here. I guess lots of people enjoyed bawling back then. 

Hmmm, that reminds me of Jungkook’s dad being an Olympic bawling athlete before bawling was eliminated in Olympic games.

-End of part 1-

Part 2 is here!

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