RunBTS Ep.141 [K-Drama&K-Movie] Music Quiz Explained Part 1

K-Drama and K-Movie from RunBTS Ep.141 Explained part 1.

RunBTS Ep.141

# Goblin / Guardian

Taehyungie answered “Guardian” (Goblin) for… how many times?

Okay, we heard you Tae, your favorite drama series is the “Guardian”. 😂

Have you seen this drama series too?

도깨비 (Dokkaebi) a.k.a Guardian/ Goblin, is a legendary K-drama series.

K-dramas are short and people move on quickly, only a handful of dramas are remembered after years it’s been aired.

But, ‘Guardian’ is different. Its popularity seems to never end.

Can you imagine?

# Dokkaebi Official Full Trailer (No Sub)

Guardian : The Lonely and Great God [하이라이트] 초특급 판타지 로맨스 도깨비 6분 하이라이트 ′오직 도깨비 신부만이 그 검을 뽑을 것이다′ 16120

This one does not offer subtitles. ut you can feel how this drama series is going to be. 

# Dokkaebi

About 4min. trailer with English subtitles.

Those who watched the Guardian will understand this.

He even got a new nickname “도깨뷔” (DokkaeV).

*The original title of the Guardian is “도깨비(Dokkaebi)”

RunBTS Ep.141

# Sky Castle

The second drama to introduce is “Sky Castle”.

Why Jungkook! How can you not recognize this song!!!

# Sky Castle Trailer (Fan made)

Sky Castle (Trailer)

I think this fan made version is a better representation of the drama series.

Sky Castle ranked the second-highest rated in Korean cable tv drama history.

It’s about the Korean college entrance examination, the upper-class society, and the private education of Korea.

They are ruthless. Only care about their success, even destroys others’ lives.

This might not be just a fictional drama.

Many considers it as a real reflection of the Korean society.

Sky Castle should be found in Netflix.

RunBTS Ep.141

# School 2013

Did everyone laugh at this part?


Why this song & rehab hospital sounds funny is explained in the post below,

# School 2013- OST

Kim Bo Kyung - Don't Think You're Alone

Now Let’s talk about the drama!

Well, just as the title, this drama series reflects stories from a high school of Korea.

The ‘School’ runs in seasons.

‘School 2013’ is the 5th series. It talks about problematic students.

If you are curious about Korean school life, this ‘School’ series can reflect how Korean schools look like the inside.

# School 2013 trailer Eng Sub

[1Click Drama] Lee Jongsuk fights for Kim Woobin! What’s with the police???? (School 2013 Part.2)

Talking about the series, I also suggest ‘School 2015’.

Its a nice teen drama to watch.

Had huge fans back in 2015.

# Who Are You: School 2015

Sadly, there is no subtitle on this.

# School 1999

The ‘School 1999’ Yoongi mentioned short is this.

(Yoongi…how old are you again?…)

RunBTS Ep.141

# I’m Sorry, I Love You

This is 미안하다 사랑한다 (I’m Sorry, I Love You).

A Legendary K-drama from 2004.

Yup, the drama was a hit. It is remade in Japan& China.

And the OST is still loved today. It became a classic k-pop.

V singing ‘Snow Flower’ short.

# Park Hyoshin- Snow Flower (I’m Sorry, I love You OST)

눈의꽃 - 박효신(미안하다 사랑한다 OST)

No sub, summarizes the drama in this song

# Park Hyoshin – Snow Flower (Live 2016)

Snow Flower starts from 1:10.