RunBTS Ep.141 [K-Drama&K-Movie] Music Quiz Explained Part 2

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RunBTS Ep.141 – List

RunBTS Ep.141

# My Love From the Star (2013)

This drama series made, Kim Soohyun, the main actor a top-class actor in Korea.

It was a hit globally, well majorly in Asia, sold out Korean chicken &beer in every night. (its the characters favorite thing to do at home)

The OST also stayed on the K-pop chart for a long time.

# My Love From the Star OST- My Destiny

[MV] Lyn(린) _ My Destiny(My Love From the Star(별에서 온 그대)OST Part 1)

This is a MV version. Engilsh Subtitle available!

This is also is a trailer of the drama. Watch it if you are curious!

# Lyn- My Destiny

The live version from the original singer.

RunBTS Ep.141

# The Moon Embracing the Sun (2012)

lol, I just realized…

It’s Kim Soohyun again! He gained many fans from this too.

Also the child actors got acknowledged for their acting skills, all became highly successful.

Especially the male role Yeo Jingoo.

Yeo Jingoo was already a famous child actor, but from this drama series, he gained popularity from the public.

He got a nickname, ‘Yeo Jingoo oppa’ because he was so young.

It’s the same happening as Jungkook if you know what happened to him in his early days of BTS.😂 Basically, the fans want to call him ‘oppa’ cause he is cute, but in reality, he is younger. The fans felt guilty calling him ‘oppa’, nicknamed him ‘Yeo Jingoo oppa’. He was only 15 when he filmed this in 2012. (Jungkook was also only 16 at debut 2013) Yup, if you noticed, they are the same age, born 1997.

And fyi, they are actual friends!

# The Moon Embracing the Sun Trailer

The Moon That Embraces the Sun || Trailer (HD)

Fan made English sub.

This made me watch the drama again.

# A scene from Moon Embracing the Sun

해를 품은 달 - Moon embracing the Sun, 3회 EP03, #15

No sub. Watch from 3:00 for the famous line. The same line to Taehyung!

Love how members all enjoy the song.

# The OST

# The Moon Embracing the Sun OST- Back in Time

120518 LYn (린) - 시간을 거슬러 (Back In Time)

Here is another interesting fact.

It’s the same singer to “My Love From the Star” OST. Lyn!

Well, it is not a big coincidence to see this, since she sings lots of OST songs.

Maybe she worked lots of OST songs in 2012~2013.

RunBTS Ep.141

# Hotel Del Luna (2019)

What a coincidence, I didn’t plan this. lol

(This post order is the order of the dramas & movies mentioned from the RunBTS)

The male cast is Yeo Jingoo oppa!

He is all grown up, real oppa now, isn’t he?

Jingoo is also the one, the reason of the famous saying among Korean girls was born.

“if cute(handsome), they are all oppa”

# Hotel Del Luna Trailer

English subtitle is on! Yeo Jingoo is not a child actor anymore.

Hotel Del Luna was famous for many reasons.

First, the cast. Yeo Jingoo and IU fans all watched this drama. IU is the Kpop top solo artist, you know.

Then, IU’s extra- fancy outfit gets issued every episode. This drove IU fans crazy.

And the computer graphic, story line, it was all good.

RunBTS Ep.141

# Memories of Murder (2003)

Based on the true crime story.

# Memories of Murder- Trailer

🎥 MEMORIES OF MURDER (2003) | Full Movie Trailer in Full HD | 1080p

English subtitle available.

This movie became a classic. It’s a legendary movie of Korea.

The work of director Bong Joon-Ho and main cast Song Kang Ho, the same people of the movie “Parasite” which won Academy Awards.

The time this movie was released, the serial killer was still out there. Director Bong Joon-Ho studied him a lot. He made a surprising interview later, we might have gotten him if we closed up the premiere release. The serial killer he knows must have come to watch his movie, Bong Joon-Ho said.

What profilers say in common is, either the killer died, or he is unable to move anymore. Other wise he won’t stop killing people.

The Ending, has come finally in 2019. The serial killer was later found in prison.. The killer was imprisoned for another crime. He also says he watched the movie.