RunBTS Ep.141 [K-Pop&K-Drama OST] Explained- Part 2

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Did you have any unknown, questionable points from RunBTS Ep.141 Music Quiz?

  • PSY-Gentleman
  • Guardian OST- Beautiful
  • Sky Castle OST- We All Lie
  • Shinhwa- Perfect Man
  • School 2013 OST- Don’t Think You’re Alone
  • The Moon Embracing the Sun OST- Back in Time
  • Clon- Nan
  • Greg ver.-“Bogoshipda (I Miss You)”

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RunBTS Ep.141

Drama 30 points

Hint: Earth science

Earth science drama?????

# The Moon Embracing the Sun OST- Back in Time

(Watch from 0:50~ )

Oh this drama series❤ 

Any Kim Soohyun (main male cast) fans here? Or Yeo Jingoo (main male cast-young) fans?

Yeo Jingoo is also Jungkook’s good friend.

RunBTS Ep.141

Movie 50 points

Hint: ‘Bap’ (meal?)

This is what came up to Mini&Moni’s mind instantly, when they heard “밥(bap)”.

Have you heard of this? It’s 90’s K-pop.

# Clon- Nan (1996)

No sub

What was going on in the 90’s K-Pop??????? It’s hottt!

I like it! It’s unnie’s first time watching the full performance.

And 🐥Mini(95) & 🐨Moni(94) knows this song(1997) too!

# Clon- Nan MV (1996)

No Sub

So Koreans were different in 1990s?????? 

It’s more hip-hop than today. 😂

Well, It’s not the answer so… let’s guess the answer!

RunBTS Ep.141


Jimin reenacts ‘the grasshopper’ time-lapse scene from a Korean TV program called “Sponge”.

I used to watch this tv program on weekends too. I remember I was young and all these were so fascinating. 

Little Jiminie must liked this program as much as I did.

And Namjoon mentions also a famous line “By the way….” from a Korean tv documentary program  “Unanswered Question”.

This is a currently running program series, re-investigating what’s hidden to the public, the truth of crime cases or etc.

# Sponge

No subtitles,

Watch from 4:50~ 

This is what Jimin is talking about, the time-lapse scenes.

This show was about interesting pieces of information.

# Unanswered Question”- the line “By the way…”

Namjoon is confused, with the theme music of “Unanswered Question” and the music from the quiz. 

Unfortunately, these were all wrong answers.

# Memories of Murders (The opening)

The answer to the hint- “bap”(meal) was “Memories of Murders”.

The very famous line of this movie “밥(bap)은 먹고 다니냐” literal translation would be “Have you been eating (meals) properly?”

The meaning of the line is “Have you been able to sleep at night?” or “Have you been able to live like a human being?”.

Another moment of Suga being a walking encyclopedia.

# Memories of Murders -The opening

No sub. But you hear the music

(Have you seen “Parasite”?)

The film director/producer Bong Joon-Ho & Main Actor Song Kang-Ho’s work.

RunBTS Ep.141

Children’s Song random points

 Hint: “I Miss You”

Again, when members saw “I Miss You”, they immediately sing a song.

Ummm, members? It’s the “Children’s song” category.😂

Meanwhile, Jin: “Why is everyone singing in ‘That Version?'”

#”Bogoshipda” (2003)

Stairway to Heaven OST – The original version.

Watch from 1:30 to listen to the same part!

The drama series “Stair way to Heaven” was in trend in 2003, about every Korean knows.

And the singer Kim Bumsoo is one of the best Korean vocals.

And here you go, this is ‘THAT’ version.

# “Bogoshipda”- Greg ver. (0:40~)

His version of “Bogoshipda” got issued from this audition program.

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