RunBTS Ep.141 [K-Pop&K-Drama OST] Explained Part 1

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Unnie listed RunBTS Ep.141 Music Quiz’s K-songs, K-dramas ost, and movies ost songs. 

Did you have any unknown, questionable points?

Here, I might have your answers!

RunBTS Ep.141 the contents.

  • PSY-Gentleman
  • Guardian OST- Beautiful
  • Sky Castle OST- We All Lie
  • Shinhwa- Perfect Man
  • School 2013 OST- Don’t Think You’re Alone
  • The Moon Embracing the Sun OST- Back in Time
  • Clon- Nan
  • Greg ver.-“Bogoshipda (I Miss You)”

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RunBTS Ep.141 Drama Song

Pop- 10 Points

Hint: Mom and Dad

A pop song? not a children song?

The answer is…

#PSY- Gentleman

Did you know this song?

I think you are familiar with PSY, by ‘Gangnam Style’.

This song Gentleman is a song released after Gangnam Style.

# Psy- Gentleman MV


RunBTS Ep.141 Drama Song

10 points

Hint: 1 sec.

You will know this in one second. hmmm

Yup, the members seems like they all know the answer.

Except the maknae Gguggu😂

(*Gguggu= JK’s nickname called by K-armys. To read more about this, click this banner to open in a new page)

# Guardian OST- Beautiful

Taetae makes the first guess, and it was wrong. ~~~~~~

‘Dokkaebi’ lover Taetae. Even got a new nickname after this RunBTS episode 141.


# 도깨비(Guardian) OST- Beautiful

English Sub available

[도깨비 OST Part 4] 크러쉬 (Crush) - Beautiful MV (ENG Sub)

Listen from 0:50, if you are looking for the RM’s verse!

The Answer was,

# Sky Castle OST- We All Lie

‘We All Lie’ was so ear catching.

It was inserted EVERYWHERE in tv shows for half a year.

Jungkook, how didn’t he recognize the song, is a mystery.😂

Even a person who didn’t watch the drama series knows the plot and famous line & characters.  

Shinhwa is 1st generation Korean idol group. Debuted 1998.

BTS is considered 3rd gen. idol.

Kookie remembers some of the dance moves…

BTS covered ShinHwa (-sunbae nim) song at the end of 2015 festival and left this legend stage.

Jimin got his nickname “주황머리 걔” (Orange hair- guy) here.

# ShinHwa- Perfect Man

(got 31 different language SUBTITLES!)

(ENG sub)BTS - Perfect Man (Original by, SHINHWA), 방탄소년단 [2015 MBC Music festival] 20151231

The legendary stage.

Let’s talk a little more about Shinhwa.

(Shinhwa members are in age 40s now. Still handsome af…)

Shinhwa debuted 1988 and they has not disbanded, on stage till today.

Their fans still remain today after two decades.

This group is known for their family like brotherhood, funny nature, and strong fandom. (are you thinking what I am thinking right now?)

They even had an entertainment show called “Shinhwa Broadcast” of their own that run for two years.

Do you feel something?

Yes, they sound like BTS!

No, BTS resembles Shinhwa!

This is Shinhwa in 2016. They are on stage till these days.

# ShinHwa- Perfect Man (December.29, 2016) Eng Sub

SHINHWA - Brand New (with.EXID) / Perfect Man [2016 KBS Song Festival / 2017.01.01]

‘Perfect Man’ starts from 3:46 – BTS members cheering is there too

RunBTS Ep.141 Drama

50 points

Hint: Debut

What can be a “Debut” -drama song?

All the K-dramas introduced/ OSTs here are well-known, “the drama of the year”, “the OST of the year”.

So when members heard it, at least they all recognized the song.

# Kim Bo Kyung – Don’t Think You’re Alone (No SUB)

Yoongi… is familiar with this song for other reason.😂

Suga realized the song he was so familiar with because he heard it so many times at the rehabilitation hospital after his shoulder surgery.

And were you little lost, some Koreans crack up little “too” much?

This is the lyrics of the song. (about the same lyrics repeats after)

Kim Bo Kyung – Don’t Think You’re Alone

“Don’t get tired, don’t give up
Always overcome whatever hardships you have

When it’s too hard when it’s too tiring
I will lend you my back from behind
You can set down your burdens at anytime

Don’t think that you’re alone
Don’t cry saying that it’s hard

You and I, we know

Lean against my back
And if you endure through this world
You will have given me a great dream…”

Lyrics translated by. mjkim0804.naverblog

Such an encouraging song for patients. hahahahahaha

# Gummy

“Gummy” is not- a ‘gummy bear’ or ‘gummy smile’, but 거미(guh-mi) a Korean singer.

She is also called “OST Queen” if you have watched few K-dramas, you probably have heard her voice.

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