V ‘Singularity’ Ultimate Explanation Pt.1- His Honest Story He Wants To Tell You Through Music

V 'Singularity' MV Explained

** Warning** Armys might cry throughout this V ‘Singularity’ post!!!

V 'Singularity' 1. Taehyung with Red woman

The MV begins with Taehyung dancing with a mysterious woman in ‘Red‘ jacket.

The woman in ‘Red‘ seems like she ‘loves‘ Taehyung, but Taehyung expresses his rejection of her love.

But soon, the truth reveals and the woman in ‘Red‘ and Taehyung are one body.

Taehyung = the ‘Red‘ woman

Does this mean he rejects to ‘love‘ himself? Let’s find out.

Here you see the first symbolic color the ‘Red‘. Let’s call ‘Red‘ = ‘Love/happiness‘.

” A sound of something breaking

I awake from sleep

A sound full of unfamiliarity

Try to cover my ears

but can’t go to sleep”

V 'Singularity' 2. Room of Emotion

Taehyung is dancing ‘Pain’ in a room full of ‘Red‘ lights.

” The pain in my throat gets worse

Try to cover it

I don’t have a voice

Today I hear that sound again”

In this film, the color ‘Red‘ represents emotion ‘Love‘, ‘Happiness‘. 

So, why is Taehyung expressing ‘Pain’ through dance& lyrics when he is filled with ‘Love‘ in the ‘Red‘ room? 

At the same time, a door behind is opening with a ‘yellow warm’ light coming in. 

Let’s call this place ‘Room of Emotions’ and find answers together.

V 'Singularity' 3. The Ice on Lake

Ice is freezing thicker and harder and someone is locked behind the ice.

V 'Singularity' 4. Taehyung's Second Ego

New Taehyung controlling numerous ‘Faces’ enters the scene.

” It’s ringing again, that sound

Let’s call this Taehyung in ‘White’, ‘V’.

V is Taehyung’s second ego. 

He is the artist who can play different characters in front of the audience, using his ‘Faces‘.

He is naturally talented and has confidence. 

2-1. Room of Emotion

” A crack again on this frozen lake

Taehyung from the ‘Red‘ woman room moved to ‘Red‘ lighted room, then now reached this new room showing motions of going into the ‘Lake’.

This Room of Emotions got two different colors, ‘White‘ and ‘Blue‘. And the ‘Blue‘ also seems to represent the ‘Lake‘ in the lyric.

So, the meanings of the colors ‘White‘, and ‘Blue‘ are?

Unnie’s Theories are this.

The ‘White‘ represents ‘Loneliness‘.

The ‘Blue‘ represents ‘Pain‘.

Let’s see how the colors tell stories throughout the film together.

Taehyung chose to stay away from his ‘Red‘ ‘Happy‘ room so he opened the door and left, walks ‘Lonely‘ ‘White‘ road, going into ‘Painful‘ ‘Blue‘ lake himself. 

2-2. Room of Emotion

“I dumped myself into the lake

I buried my voice for you

Taehyung now sings ‘I dumped myself into the lake’ the background color rapidly changes ‘Purple‘ to ‘Violet‘ then to icy cold ‘Blue‘ in gradation. 

This shows his emotional state.

It started the mixture of ‘RedHappiness‘ & ‘BluePain‘ so the color was ‘Purple‘.

But his ‘BluePain‘ gradually grows to become ‘Violet‘, then finally, he is full of ‘BluePain‘. 

You see how he felt about locking his loved self up here. 

4-1. Taehyung's Second Ego

When V’s original ego, Taehyung is only left with the emotion ‘Pain

V is showing strong moves, conducting the ‘Faces’ as the leader. V looks good in contrast to Taehyung,

4-2. Taehyung's Second Ego

Scene switches. 

Suddenly, V appears upside-down sleeping on a ‘White‘ screen-like bright window.  

Remember, ‘White‘ means ‘Loneliness‘.

If we think back carefully, V from the beginning enters the film in full ‘White‘.  

Maybe V, from his birth, is an ego destine to ‘Loneliness‘. 

But his ‘Loneliness‘ is in sleep. 

He is fine.

Until he opens his eyes.

‘Loneliness’ is awake.

V 'Singularity' 5. Flower Taehyung under the Lake

In a strange room, Taehyung stands in the middle wearing ‘Black clothes’. 

This place is a room under the lake.

We now can tell his state of emotion, he is in the middle of ‘RedHappiness‘ and ‘BluePain‘ thus the room is filled in purple.

The following scene shows a petal rolls down from Taehyung’s feet.

Implies connection between Taehyung and a ‘Flower’.  

In the same room, Taehyung in ‘Black’ is surrounded by ‘Flowers’ again, sat on the corner, looks depressed and weak. 

‘Flowers’ are a symbol representing this Taehyung.

Let’s call him Flower Taehyung/ Flower Tae from on. 

The left side of the room is in ‘Blue‘ and the right side is in ‘Purple‘. Also, he is wearing a big ‘LOVED’ earring on his ear. 


‘Purple’ = ‘Blue-Pain’+ ‘Red-Happiness’

Pain‘ has overgrown in his mind.

The ‘LOVED’ earrings on his ear tell us Flower Taehyung under the lake is a part of Taehyung he ‘loved‘.

(So Flower Taehyung is the mysterious ‘Red‘ woman= the ‘Love‘ original Taehyung pushed away)

Hmm, the two Taehyungs have a thing in common. Did you notice it?

They are both wearing ‘Black’. Original Tae is also wearing black under his jacket (it’s even a ‘Flower’ laced top).

Only V is in ‘White‘.

** Did you notice the ‘LIGHT’ here isn’t the same ‘White’ light as the ‘White-Lonely’ lights?? In this case, Taehyung’s light is just a normal light. ‘White-Lonely’ light is white-white, so bright as bleached paper-white.**

Let’s continue.

2-3. Room of Emotion

“Over the winter lake, I was thrown

A thick ice has formed

In the Room of Emotions, now dancers are dancing with partners in ‘White‘ under ‘White‘ lights. (One or maybe two dancers are dancing with ‘Light Sky Blue‘?)

Yes, you see the emotions now.  Dancers are dancing with their ‘WhiteLoneliness‘, ‘Light Blue- Loneliness&little Pain‘ in the Room of Emotions. 

Here, Taehyung is dancing alone because his partner ‘Red‘ woman and emotions are frozen locked under the lake. 

4-4. Taehyung's Second Ego

Remember where we left of V?

V’s ‘Loneliness‘ opened its eyes.

The place V woke up, was a horrible, dark, cold place.

He lies alone on the tiny ‘White‘ lighting window helplessly. 

Previously existed ‘Faces’ controlling confident V is not here anymore. 

V 'Singularity' Intro 6. Taehyung in the Dream

“In the dream, I shortly went into

My agonizing phantom pain is still the same

Upside down ‘New Taehyung’ appears. (He is in ‘Black clothes’ thus= Taehyung)

And as in the lyrics, this scene is Taehyung’s dream. 

In this scene, he is lying on ‘Red‘ velvet, the face is directly focused on bright light.

There is also a faint of ‘Violet‘ lights.

For emotion wise, in Taehyung’s ‘Red-Happy‘ dream, only the faint of ‘Violet ‘=‘ Red-Happy&Blue-Pain‘ exists. 

But even in his ‘Happy‘-filled dream, he can’t relax, the bright light came to blind him. He suffer the same.

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