BTS k-food ‘In the SOOP’ ep.3 ‘Kimchi Bokkeumbap’ (fried rice) & more

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‘In the SOOP’  The Korean food BTS members ate in the ep. 3

Hi! It’s Mindy unnie~ 

Are you all enjoying the series ‘In the SOOP’? 

I (hope) have answers to what food members are eating in the ‘In the SOOP’ and the Korean culture behind it! 

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BTS food In the SOOP episode.3

Good- Bangtan morning~

When members are up, Suga and members start making brunch- more like lunch. 

Suga is making ‘Kimchi Bokkeumbap’ today. aka kimchi fried rice (김치볶음밥).

Baby mochi don’t want to wake up 😣

[In the SOOP] Korean food - Chef SUGA

 Let’s run through Kimchi bokkeupbap recipe in 4 steps.

  1. drip enough oil, fry all the ingredients except the rice.
  2. when the frying is over, add rice and fry just so the rice is mixed well.

3. V is adding sesame oil. Koreans like to use sesame oil on many K-food.

4. sprinkle cheese and wait for a little so the cheese on the top melts. -Done!

They didn’t finish here but cooked just a little longer to get the bottom of the kimchi bokkeumbop to become crisp and crunch. 

That’s one of the ways Koreans enjoy bokkeumbap (fried rice). 😊

And the massive wok like, pan like the thing they used to make the kimchi bokkeumbap is actually called ‘Sotttukkeong’. Which means the lid of a ‘Sot’. Members used the lid of a Sot used upside down as a big frying pan here.

Koreans like to use Sotttukkeong to cook Samgyupsal (a type of Korean bbq). It just tastes so much better!

Cooking on sotttukkeong is rare now you can’t easily find to have a taste in a city unless you specifically search for a place.

Korean of the day:

Hobi, 맛있어? (masisso?)



Here is Korean famous Chef Baek Jongwon‘s easy to follow recipe of kimchi bokkeumbap if you wish to try it at home! 

Kimchi fried rice made with leftover ingredients at home!

집에 있는 재료로 만드는 김치볶음밥!

[In the SOOP] food episode.3

Jungkook tried to make something but failed.  Instead, makes french toast with the eggs he cracked.

There is nothing questionable here so, let’s move on to dinner!

[In the SOOP] Food - ep.3 Dinner

Members agreed on having Buchu jeon(or Pa jeon) & Makgeolli’ for dinner because the weather is changing and starts raining in the evening.


The answer comes shortly after the explanation of buchu jeon, pa jeon, and makgeolli.😉

Buchu Jeon :

Buchu Jeon is a Korean dish.

The main ingredients are garlic chives (is called buchu in Korean), onions, flour, and seasonings. Koreans like to add pieces of squid but it’s optional.

Pa Jeon is similar, just the main ingredient becomes ‘pa’ which is spring onion.

And you see the pattern, there are various jeon depending on its main ingredient.

* ‘-jeon’ in other name is ‘buchimgae’ or ‘chijimi’. They are all the same dish!

Makgeolli is Korean traditional rice wine. It’s lightly sparkling and slightly sweet and tangy.

Many girls like to cocktail makgeolli. Many different recipes are available but simply with soda is good too.

Also, you drink makgeolli in a makgeolli-jan. A bit low, little wide-ish cup made just for makgeolli.

And ESPECIALLY we, Koreans crave this when raining outside.

There are different theories why, but the main two theories are these.

  1. Sentimentally, people made and ate buchujeon a lot when rains, so the good memories make you want buchujeon. On top of that, the sound of rain resembles cooking buchujeon. Listening to rain leads you to think of buchujeon.
  2. Medically, when rains, the human body’s blood sugar level drops, and naturally craves food to increase it. And flour (carbs) are just it to increase blood sugar level. Also, when it rains, you’re cold and some makgeolli, little alcohol warms you up.

There are other theories like,

Since lots of Koreans were farmers (back in the days) when rains they had no work. They spent time drinking makgeolli side with buchujeon.

Hmm, what do you think about the theories?

It’s just a Korean thing to say and do  “It’s raining, let’s eat buchujeon and makgeolli tonight”

Now , let's see how members ate~

Let’s see members eating buchujeon & makgeolli.

Suga the chef makes buchujeon batter. Hobi the assistant is cleaning a squid. ㅋㅋㅋ Omg I have never seen that kind of weird squid before. Looks like a cartoon character. 

Hobi having funㅋㅋㅋ

They decided to cook and eat right outdoor. Jeon is the best right out of the frying pan when it is the crispiest. (personal opinion😜)

Jungkook is a sweetie bunny💗.  He fed hyungas first, he knows they are the ones who did all the cooking.

U see makgeolli in bottles? Unfortunately, the brand is unknown. There are many small local brands makgeollies in Korea and this is one of them.  

My suggestion for a brand is this.

‘Ji-pyeong makgeolli’ (지평 생 막걸리)

This is the hottest, newest, trendy makgeolli in Korea now.  

What Jungkookie is using doesn’t look like a ‘makgeolli-jan’, but looks like they didn’t have the makgeolli-jan so the members are drinking makgeolli in that cup.

Lastly... BTS In the SOOP episode.3

💜RM💙 my artist❤️likes gummy.

RM caught my eyes eating gummy while reading📘📖.

It’s Lotte Super sour chewing candy ‘Jjangsyeoyo’ Coke flavor.

I’m not sure this can be found where you are. 😢 I searched Amazon US, and they didn’t have it. 

This is the End-

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additional clip from YouTube! 

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