What’s in Jungkook’s Bag- 11 Jk’s Personal Items

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What's in Jungkook's Bag- Jk's Personal Items

Jungkook’s items and products are often carried in a big bag, which makes Armys wonder what else is in it.

Let’s take a pick inside, see what has been revealed.

These are not in particular time order. 

What's in Jungkook's Bag

On this Bangtan Bomb clip, many personal products Jungkook uses daily were exposed.

Armys didn’t miss this out. 

Here is the full information about the products inside the Cooky bag.

Item 1. Insan Bamboo Salt toothpaste

Bamboo Salt toothpaste is quite common in Korea. 

Jungkook was found using another brand of bamboo salt toothpaste before, so I guess this is his preference. 

Item 2. Glide Floss

You have found a familiar product from Jungkook’s belongings!

And I am happy to introduce a product you, I-armys can ‘Son Minsu’ it.

*’Son Minsu’ 손민수/ used as a verb in Korea

is dope slang to use! 

‘Son Minsu’ means, ‘to copy someone’s style’. Used mostly when you follow buying what the person has.

This slang came from the character Son Minsu in Webtune ‘Cheese in the Trap’. She copies the main character’s whole life from the outlook to the personality.

Item 3. Ajona Toothpaste

This toothpaste is a product of Germany. 

I heard it’s a very strong toothpaste. Recommended using a pea-size. 

So, he carries more than one toothpaste? Who else is in love with JK’s hygiene?

(No wonder why his bag is always so BIG.) 

Item 4. WangTa Toothbrush

Wow, despite my concern, this toothbrush was actually sold on Amazon!

I thought Wangta toothbrush was only available in South Korea. (Then where is the fun reading this post, right? hahaha)

Wangta toothbrush is known to have a giant head. 

Jungkook has been using this toothbrush for a while but I didn’t know he kept using this brand till now. 

[BANGTAN BOMB] JK's Heart (for ARMY♥︎) - BTS (방탄소년단)

What's in Jungkook's pouch/ bag

Bon Voyage Season2.

What’s in Jungkook’s Yellow Line Friends Sally Pouch?

Jungkook's Sally pouch 1. Johnson's Head-to-Toe Baby Lotion

From the cute yellow Sally pouch, this yellow Johnson’s baby lotion came out.

Kookie is still a baby using baby lotion. uwu…

Of course, Armys also sold out this once

Jungkook's Sally pouch 2. Medavita elisir nutrilluminante, shine hair serum

The second item noticed is this pink hair serum!

‘Medavita elisir nutrilluminante, shine hair serum’

Yeah being a K-pop idol means his hair is going to suffer for beauty.

Jungkook's Sally pouch 3. Victorias Secret Body Spray

Easy to notice for many of you I believe, it’s Victoria’s Secret body spray!

Jungkook the fragrance lover picked Victoria’s Secret’s item this time.

Not clear about which exact scent it is, but Armys are guessing based on its color high chance of Pure Seduction, Sheer Love, or maybe another

(Wait… this means he’s been to Victoria’s Secrets the SHOP? hahahahaha)

Jungkook's item. Carhartt legacy backpack

Jungkook’s backpack.

I see this backpack got many pockets for belongings just how Jungkook likes to storage his carrots during travel. 🐰

Seriously, Jungkook is known to carry BIG-BAGS I mean BIG-BIG bags, this backpack is a cutie.

Jungkook's item. Vifa Oslo Compact Rechargeable Hi-Resolution Bluetooth Portable Speaker

From the same picture above, did you notice the blue-ish box he is carrying?

This blue-grey-white-ish lunch box-looking thing is found out to be a Bluetooth speaker.

Jungkook likes to carry a Bluetooth speaker around and listen to music, but this speaker is quite big to carry around isn’t it?

Junggugie is a man. He doesn’t care. haha 

What he wants to bring, he takes with him. I guess we Armys are happy to see more things on camera this way.

His color is- Ice Blue.

Jungkook's item. Champion LIFE Classic Twill Hat

He was wearing this Champion hat at the Vlive. (Vlive below!)

Armys didn’t miss out on this and found out which item this is.

His color is Mission Green.

Jungkook's item. Euphoria Oval Logo Blouson_Yellow

(Also this website is mainly in Korean. Try Google translator for websites. It converts the languages of websites in seconds!)

Jungkook fans have a special feeling for ‘Euphoria’. Many fell for Jk at the time, he was just so beautiful!!!  

Jungkook also has a special feeling for Euphoria, you can watch the interview for the detail.

Baby Jk!!!

I know this blouson is not a Jungkook’s personal chosen belonging.

Once I knew this blouson was on the market, I wanted to add here to share this information with you!

It’s difficult to get for most of you, (sorry!) if you have a connection to a Korean, get help ship this to you!

This is the interview about Jk talking about Euphoria.

Watch from 14:46.

BTS (방탄소년단) Jung Kook's BE-hind 'Full' Story